P is for Pisces…


P is for Pisces

…and that’s what I am.

It isn’t just my astrological sign- it pretty well describes me.

You see, we’re all a combination of a lot of astrological signs- it’s just that most of us know only our Sun sign. And why wouldn’t we? In most cases, that is our astrological signature, although often for various complicated and technical reasons that I won’t go into on a non astro blog, we might face the world with a mask that looks differently to the one our Sun sign is. That’s dependent on the time you were born.

Then there’s the way we react emotionally- that’s governed by whatever sign the Moon was in when you were born…and very often neither of these are the same as your Sun sign. Then there’s what makes us feel good, what floats our boat, how we communicate…I could go on- but I won’t.

That’s why you probably read your daily horoscopes with a very large grain of salt.

The thing is, when I was born, that minute that I came kicking and screaming into the world, a lot of these factors were in Pisces.

So, that’s what I am. To the core. It’s how I think, feel, react, communicate and behave.

If you ask other people what they think of Pisces, they’ll tell you about how Elizabeth Taylor married a million times and was addicted to everything, and how Kurt Cobain self destructed.

They might say that all Pisces are wishy-washy daydreamers who have no idea what the real world is.

They might tell you that all Pisces have a strong sense of martyr or victim, and won’t accept consequences.

They’ll tell you that Pisces can’t concentrate on anything long enough to finish it, and that they’re experts at self sabotage.

They might tell you that Pisces will run the minute things get hard or serious, and won’t hang around for bin night.

They might tell you that Pisces are all hopeless romantics that can’t deal with the hard work of a real relationship.

They might tell you that Pisces are all delusional and prone to abuses of food, alcohol, sex or drugs…or all of the above.

They’d be right…but that’s just the shadow.  We all have a shadow. I’ve been in that shadow- at least to a certain extent. I spend a large proportion of my life dreaming, still struggle with an unhealthy relationship to alcohol and food, and will escape if I have the opportunity.

They’d also be wrong. There’s so much more to me…there’s so much more to us Pisceans.

We’re poets, mystics, healers, artists, romantics, actors, and chameleons.

We’re adaptable, compassionate, psychic, creative, and spiritual.

If we can imagine it, we can make it happen…if we can focus ourselves, that is. This is why we can see rainbows in grey skies, and why (if in victim mode) we can see storm clouds in blue.

These traits are why many of us can stay in long term relationships. We go with the flow, and as long as we’re not caught in a net, will be quite happy to discover new and exciting things in our tank…so to speak.

People talk about dreaming as if it’s a bad thing. But what if Piscean Steve Jobs never dreamed of the ipod? It’s those dreams- the ones without any limitations, without any boundaries, with infinite possibilities- that can give rise to something pretty special.

One thing you probably don’t know is that traditionally doctors were trained in astrology. Why? It’s because each star sign is prone to certain ailments. It doesn’t mean we’ll get them, but we’re prone to them.

With Pisceans, our Achilles heel is literally that- our feet.

What else? We’re prone to a sluggish immune and lymphatic system, and are also susceptible to invaders- especially viruses, bacterial and yeast infections like candiasis.

Yep to that too.

Oh and the picture above?

Fish out of water or fish taking a leap of faith? I’m both…often at the same time.



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  1. Debbish says:

    Oh my god! My brother is a Pisces and he’s far from ANY of those things. He’s an engineer and very much an engineer. He’s impatient, intolerant, selfish and more!!! I wish he was a wishy-washy daydreamer who was compassionate etc. *sigh*

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