O is for Office…


O is for Office…

Anyways, I was reading this post this morning about how you needed a space that was inspirational in order to produce your best work, so, I figured that I’d audit mine along the same guidelines…and add a few of my own.

De-clutter your workspace and change habits that create clutter

Hmmmm. I tend to work in what I call creative chaos. I have, however, got into the habit of putting my books back on the bookshelf as soon as I’m finished referring to them. These days, I also spend 10 mins or so on a Saturday morning just tidying things up a bit so that I can start Monday with a relatively clean space.

These days, I also file once a month (instead of once a year), do my bills weekly (instead of when a reminder comes in), and my accounts once a month (instead of the mad rush before we go to the accountants at tax time).

Everything on my desk, on my walls, or on the bookshelf is either beautiful, inspirational (to me) or loved…and that includes the ugly witch candle holder my BMF brought me back from Valencia and the bok choy pen holder that came back with him from Shanghai.

There’s also the leadlight bubble lady I created when I went through a glass cutting and lead lighting phase. She sits in my window sill, and the dancing solar powered daisy my hubby bought me.


Remove or fix anything that’s broken

Ok, I do this…although I’ve got a macbook charger that’s waiting to be replaced as a result of a close encounter of the canine kind.

Anchor your purpose in your workspace


I have a lot of pics around of family, and art and ceramics my daughter has done over the years. While I write for myself, these pics remind me who my success will benefit. On my vision board is pinned my 2014 goals to epic awesomeness. Also on the wall is a huge daisy picture by Garry McEwan about love. I look at this when I have the gloom and dooms and my creativity has got up and gone.


Place your furniture in the command position

Ummm no. Apparently I should have a view of the door and a solid wall behind my back. My room doesn’t work that way. According to Feng Shui this probably means that I’m not open to opportunity. Whatever.

Choose ergonomic furniture

Yep. Complete with a beach towel for when I come straight from the pool to my chair.

And my “guest chair,” ie where Miss 15 plonks down at the end of a school day, is a swiss ball. So far it hasn’t been used for swiss ball type exercises, but the intention is there.

Something about fluorescent vs full spectrum light bulbs


Open windows

Yep…except for when it’s stinking hot or next door are conducting a noisy one hand, one hit, one bounce game of cricket.

Switch to all natural cleaning products

I’m an enjo user, so get a tick on this one too…

Reduce distractions

Trust me, I’m perfectly capable of creating my own. Having said that, I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated office with a door that closes.

Create a view


My view is into next doors yard. Even though we’re in the middle of suburbia, our neighbours are on the equivalent of almost five blocks. This means that directly outside my window is yard, with the occasional duck family waddling and quacking across. In the mornings, the grass parrots and lorikeets feed on the lawn, and in the afternoons, the cockatoos squark across through the gumtrees.

My ribbon striped curtains make me happy even when everything else is grey.

Bring nature indoors


If that means my dog, I have that covered too…her snoring provides the soundtrack to my day. She has a pink beanbag that used to be in Miss 15’s room before she re-decorated. The beanbag used to have bright coloured daisies on it. It doesn’t anymore.

I’m thinking about getting a plant, but I do have a solar powered daisy that bops all afternoon…does that count as flowers?

What else?


Essential to my space is also my little collection of candles and crystals.

I love the wood nymph candle from Spell & the Gypsy Collectivemy little tray of crystals and purple toned candles, and the lotus candle holder I bought in Perth when I was visiting my BFF a few years ago. Then, of course, there’s the ugly abundance witch my mate brought back from Valencia. She came with a spell for abundance, but it was in Spanish, so we couldn’t read it.


Another thing that stays on my desk is my Chinese fortune or chim sticks. I bought this set in Hong Kong at Shanghai Tang, and I love them to pieces.

What do you have in your office that helps your bum stay in that chair, and helps you produce words that make sense?



6 comments on “O is for Office…”
  1. My new office (shared with hubby though…boo) is a bloody mess. It’s great to have the space but I need to de-clutter and make “nice”. If only hubby would do the same. He’s even taken over the daybed as part of his desk!!! A book shelf, kneeling desk chair and pictures on the walls are on my wish list for this year!

    1. Jo says:

      Any clutter that comes into the house used to land in here. The wine boxes still do, but I think I’ve finally got him out of the habit of the rest of it.

  2. Debbish says:

    Oh… it’s interesting to see into someone’s office. (Mine is of course my bedroom!)

    Love the art and pics on your walls and the ribbons on the window! The desk looks great – lots of character – unlike my Freedom glass-topped desk.

    I’m a bit minimalistic BUT I have a heap of junk on my desk that I need to be rid of. Must take your lead with the regular filing.

    1. Jo says:

      Thanks Deb, long may the filing discipline last. Now I just need to remember to empty the mailbox more often!

  3. Rae Hilhorst says:

    I am lucky and have a large open space as my office, that is all mine, I have a great view over the street as I am on the second story. Decorated walls, a rug under my desk, pictures on the wall and a TV. I so need a decent chair but am ever the fussy one as I don’t want an office chair, I have failed at this so far, but I’m not giving up. There is no way I would share my office space with my husband, his office is the garage and it’s a pigs mess. xxx Rae

    1. Jo says:

      I’m glad my hubby never brings work home. I couldn’t share with him- perish the thought!

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