K is for Kindle…


We’ve already talked about me and my books.

But how does someone who loves books- the look of them, the feel of them, the smell of them- adapt to a kindle?

As it turns out, very easily! I’ve had mine for a few years now and love it. It helps that mine has a lovely red leather case with a build in night-light and does actually read like a book.

Anyways, here’s 5 reasons why I love my kindle:

For flexibility

I love how I can dip in and out of different books. It’s a little like having a portable bookcase in my handbag.

I’m one of these people who generally have a few different books going at the same time. There is usually:

  • Something light and frothy for reading in the bath or the pool, or while I’m waiting at the Thai for my takeaway
  • Something a little more meaty for sitting on the lounge with a wine and my dog at the end of the day
  • Something I know I should be reading because it is supposed to be literary and declared “good” by some reading club or another but that I haven’t actually decided that I like yet
  • Some 700+ page epic which I have got halfway through and can’t see the end to
  • A chick lit novel or two that I’m reading for escapism and, if I am perfectly honest, genre analysis
  • A lightish mystery or thriller in a favourite series

With the kindle, it is all in together. In my handbag. Cool.

For packing

I read a lot- on beach holidays it can be as much as a book every day, or every other day. On a normal trip, it’s a couple of books a week. This can very quickly add up to kilos in your suitcase.

Then there’s the issue about whether you’re going to feel like reading the book you packed when you get there…like when you’re asked to pre-order on Tuesday for a group lunch you’re going to on Friday…how do you know what you’ll feel like reading?

With the kindle, I don’t need to worry.

For space

No piles of books to sort through and find spaces for in the bookcase.

This being said, I still buy the physical version of anything in a series or by my favourite author- I like seeing it on the shelf.

For budgeting

I’m torn as to whether this is a pro or a con. I still spend money on books- now most of it is with amazon instead of independent booksellers- which makes me feel guilty…so I still buy from the booksellers too…which means that I still spend as much money on books as I always did. See above comment re space.

Especially at airports. I always buy a book at the airport- just in case the seatbelt sign is on for too long and I can’t open my kindle. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My husband tells everyone that it’s the opposite though, so we’ll go with that.

The element of surprise.

There are two types of people in the world:

  • Those who like to sneak a peek at the last page of a novel, and
  • Those who don’t

I fall very firmly and unapologetically into the first category…and yet I’m not the type who sneaks a look at Xmas presents.

Sure, I’m a control freak, but I’m also efficient. I like to know just how much of myself I will be committing to a book. If it’s anything longer than, say, 375 pages, I had better be pretty damn sure that it’s worth my time.

Imagine my disappointment if I invest the time and commit to a book only to get to page 395 to find that nothing is resolved (to my satisfaction), the bitch got the guy, the bad karma fairy visited the wrong person, and the dog hasn’t made it. Now that would neither be a return on investment, nor an efficient use of my time.

Don’t look at me like that- I read all the spoiler alerts on TV shows too- for the same reason…and also for the satisfaction I can get when watching, say UK Masterchef, knowing who the winner is and declaring after round 1, ‘you know, I just reckon he/she could go all the way in this competition…’ Don’t tell my husband about that either- he just thinks I’m extremely clever.

But, being a writer myself, it would seriously piss me off if I knew people did that with my stuff. So, I’m trying to let go of the outcome a little, trying to be more in the moment, trying not to flip to the last page and spoil the surprise.

Besides, in the kindle, this is hard to do. You have to memorise the location number, go to the end, page back through the credits and bits about the author and other books in the series, find the last few pages, and then go back to where you were- hoping that you remembered the location number correctly. It really stuffs me up when some publishers pop the first chapter of another book by the same author at the end. Really? She ended up with him? Who was he exactly?

And yes, I know that serves me right.

Do you use a kindle, tablet or other e-book reader?

If there’s a dead easy way of getting to the last reading page on a kindle, please don’t tell me about it. I’m being strong…and surprised.

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    • yeah, I find I prefer to read non fiction for study in the old fashioned way. I like to stick post it notes etc in. While you can mark passages in the kindle, it’s not the same as being able to eyeball all the sticky notes & underlines.

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