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I is for ipod..and itunes…

What can I say? It’s revolutionised the way I listen to music.

I’m one of those girls who used to be one of those teenagers that laid on my belly in front of Countdown every Sunday night with the tape recorder poised to record the song by my favourite popstar…only to have it ruined by Mum yelling for dinner, or one of my siblings arguing with another, or my Dad coming in, shaking his head and saying stuff like: ‘They don’t sing anymore- they just shout…why do the men have to wear long hair and dye it? What’s with the heels and the shiny suits? The men look like girls…Are they woollies or just lairs?’  Note- a “woolly” was short for woolly woofter which was rhyming slang for…well, you can figure it out… Hey, it was the late seventies, early 80s, and there was very little tolerance in country NSW. Besides, Dad was convinced that Jeff Thompson (the fast bowler) was a mug lair because he bleached his hair- and that’s something that real men didn’t do in those days. Whatever.

Anyways, my recording would get interrupted.

So, I’d sit in my room at night listening to the radio waiting for the song to come on, ready to tape it…usually for the same thing to happen, or for the announcer to talk over the ending.

Then there was the problem of mixed tapes.

To create a tape, you had to get the order exactly right, the right mix of songs and artists for the feeling you wanted to convey. Just one piece of clumsy editing, would have you starting all over again.

As for listening on the go…I remember being thrilled when Mum & Dad bought me a portable tape player with headphones.

And along came iTunes. At first I thought it would save me money- the cost of CDs was higher than what it was on iTunes. Having access to so many artists, songs, back catalogues. It was like being let loose in a record store that was open 24/7. Bliss. Expensive bliss. A few years ago I tried estimating how much I’d spent over the previous 12 months on music…it wasn’t pretty.

Now there was an endless possibility for playlists, altering playlists, even playlists for when you can’t be faffed making a playlist, ie Genius. No longer do you need to play the same songs in the same order, you shuffle it up. Don’t like that song any more? Easy, delete it from the list.

Feel like pretending you’re in Byron? I have a playlist for that.

Want to pretend that you’re meditating? Yep, one for that too.

Feeling crap and want to feel good? You’ll be after the happy mix.

Feeling crap and want to indulge in that for a bit? I have the perfect songs.

Need a little angst for inspiration, a little oomph for perspiration, and something for motivation? I have you covered.

I have a playlist of songs suitable for most cuisines I cook, and one suitable for most work moods. There’s a driving mix for hubby with nothing newer than the turn of the century (ok, minor exaggeration), except for the One Direction songs I’ve thrown in to raise cheers from the back seat and groans from behind the wheel.

There’s even a playlist I use in the middle of the night on flights to replace engine noise with ocean rhythms…and no, it still doesn’t help me sleep.

And when you want to dump your favourite playlist onto CD- the one that says everything you need to say, but just can’t- it’s too simple for words.

Thank you Mr Jobs. You changed my life.

3 Comments on “I is for iPod…and iTunes…

  1. Can’t believe how many of us did that tape-recording stuff back in the day! I read somewhere that even Danii Minogue did it. Honestly, kids have it TOO easy these days!!

  2. Oh yes…. I remember the days of trying to record Countdown or local radio stations! Kids nowadays will never know that joy!

    I have to admit I rarely listen to music now. Unless I’ve had a few wines and am a bit pissy. Perhaps I need to try it more! (The listening to music thing not the pissiness!)

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