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Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so here goes:

Week beginning 6 January, 2014


First up was Bondi…it’s probably also the last time we’ll be venturing over during the school holidays.

We got an early bus across, but by the time we left the beach to head across to Miss Chu’s for the obligatory pho, there was scarcely a spare centimetre on the sand. Oh, that’s my Mum’s red hat in the pic below. I’m not taking her to the beach with me anymore- at 72 she still wears a size 10 swimsuit and has no disc enable bumps. Not fair.


All this week I’ve been participating in a daily inspirational quote challenge with a mate of mine. The only rules were, the quotes we used couldn’t be sloppy- you know, none of those “with friends like…” type of things- and nothing, well, dirty…although he did insinuate that the carrot one I used today had something to say about size…hmmmm….


Anyways, if you want to check them out for yourself, or play along, follow me on instagram. I’m jotracey. I’ve had so much fun finding them, I’ll be continuing for another 7 days.


Wednesday night was a trip to Eastwood’s Spicy House Hot Pot Restaurant- yes, that’s really it’s name- for some szechuan goodies. And wow, what an assortment we ordered. The picture shows fish fillets in chilli, and spicy lamb ribs. All the dishes come with a 1-2-3 chilli rating, and were supremely tasty.

photo-42Breakfast of the week again goes to Youeni Foodstore at Castle Hill. The menu here just keeps getting better, and their sourdough bread is now a staple in our household. Anyways, the chorizo, beans and baked egg is well worth getting out of bed for.


Yesterday my Mum and Dad celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Yes, I know the jokes about how you get less time for murder, but it is a serious milestone…so we celebrated. I couldn’t get all the grandkids in frame for instagram, but you get the idea. Oh, I’m the short one with the hair.


That was my week in photos….how was yours? Go on, share your highlights with me…

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  1. Lovely pics. God that brekkie looks good (love chorizo with… well, anything!). My week’s been okay – minimal pics now I’m ‘off’ instagram (still there but have taken the apps off my devices). Lots of reading, some writing, some new recipes, seeing The Book Thief and a visit from my mum were the highlights.

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