G is for Goal…


G is for Goals

I don’t have a great relationship with goals- setting them or keeping them.

In stark contrast, I’ve always been pretty good at following through with goals that have been set for me- even when there has been no reward for achieving them. I coach people on how to set them and achieve them, but when it comes to committing to my own? Nope.

This year I’m setting goals, I’m measuring them and I’m checking in on them…well, that’s the theory.

For my business I’ve been working with Leonie Dawson’s Biz Workbook, and set some big hairy arsed goals for my astrology and writing. For these to have any possibility of success, some changes need to happen within me.

To this end, I’ve also set some personal goals, challenges and habits. I’m using the Life Edition of Leonie’s Workbook, but also following the process through as part of my regular journaling. Some of it really resonates with me, some I still have to get my head around.

The process has helped me understand, accept and close out 2013, and helped me answer some hard questions- what is important to me, what I need to let go of, what inspires me, and what I would like 2014 to look like….and yes, I’ve set goals.

Some of these are predictable and specific (lose 30kgs, earn $x), some are not so predictable and not so specific (actually use all of those cookbooks in my shelves) …and need a little more firming up. Some I’ll share throughout the year, some I’d like to hold close to my chest for now. Some are realistic, some are big dreams.

The thing is, the exercise has been invaluable for me. Sure, I now have a set of goals, some check in dates to measure them, but I also have something I didn’t have before either- a focus.

To avoid the dreaded end of year discussion that goes something like: “sorry, I know you achieved every we asked for, but hey there’s no money for pay-rises or bonuses for anyone other than senior management who did faff all, but that’s just a business decision, and you’re ok with that aren’t you? Oh, and yes, we value you…”  I’ve also popped in a few quarterly rewards to celebrate mini milestones.

In fact, I think I’m getting the hang of this goal malarkey…



4 comments on “G is for Goal…”
  1. Goal setting awesomeness! I am using Leonie’s Biz Workbook too for my fledgling art business. It is really helping me define, focus and plan for 2014. I have been using the personal workbook for a few years now and it has really helped me. Looking forward to seeing your big hairy arse goals come to life. Not that you have big hairy arse (-8

    1. Jo says:

      I spent ages with the biz workbook, & tackled me as secondary…as for my hairy arse…well, that would be telling 😉

  2. Debbish says:

    Oh… that workbook looks interesting. As you know I’m a bit #meh when it comes to goals. I like lists and am a big #ToDo list kinda girl, but not great at setting big picture stuff. But you did remind me that I bought a new (expensive… well, $20) notebook to start journaling every morning and I haven’t bloody done it. When I used to do my ‘morning pages’ I often uncovered all sorts of things in my little head.

    I’ll add it to my To Do List! 😉

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