D is for dog

Allow me to introduce you to my pooch.

Glenbriar Catch a Star…or, as we call her, Kali, the Karlster. Kali the wonder spaniel, Kali the muse…

She’s named after Kali, the Hindu Goddess. It’s a Pluto, astro thing…don’t ask.

I’ve always been a dog person.

When I was a kid my family had corgis- a series of them. There was Taffy and Trimadoc, then there was Beaumaris, followed by Tenby and Maddock, then Tywyn. Now Mum & Dad have Tuftan.

What’s with the names? They were all named after places in Wales. Don’t ask.

I think these ones are Tenby & Maddy
I think these ones are Tenby & Maddy

Each of the corgis were a tad snappy. Corgis can be like that- they have a big dog attitude without the legs to match. My younger sister, who isn’t a dog person so much, usually got the brunt of that.

When Mr T and I moved in together, one of the first things we did was adopt a rescue dog. I think he had cattle dog in him, maybe samoyed, most probably dingo.


He rarely barked, howled a lot and if anyone looked like they could possibly be threatening to me, all the hackles along his back stood up.  He was loyal, protective and super smart. We called him Kal and he was with us for 11 very special years.

Then came Bella. Bella was our first cocker spaniel. She was also an adoptee, and the first dog our daughter really knew and fell in love with.

Dec '08. Sarah is dressed for her school concert, Bella was already sick by this time.
Dec ’08. Sarah is dressed for her school concert, Bella was already sick by this time.

We lost Bella too young, barely 5, to a nasty form of leukaemia.

Which brings me to Kali…a dog who is convinced that she’s a baby- or at the very least a cat.

Kali is the first dog we’ve had from puppydom. She was about 12 weeks old when she came to us.


Kali is equally at home on my feet under my desk, curled up on her beanbag, snoring in someone’s arms, or watching old men play soccer. She has good manners (I’ve trained her well), and is the perfect writers dog….plus, she never argues and does nothing without checking with me first. She “helps” me garden, walk, vacuum and change beds….and she listens to everything I say- even when I’m on my soapbox.

hard at work as writers muse

Whenever my neighbour has a bad day at work and is feeling unappreciated, Kali greets her as if she’s the most important person in the whole wide world.

It’s just another of her special talents.

my 2 girls
my 2 girls
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