2013: Top 5 Posts


As part of 2013- The Closing Ceremony, I’ve been looking at the year that was.

Over on the astro blog, around 200,000 real people clicked on 300,000 pages.

Here at and anyways, the numbers are much more modest, but the posts you read the most were:

Bali Chocolate

I don’t blame you. This is an idyllic spot, a great product and an inspiring story. Given that most of you came on here for foodie related posts, I suspect you thought the title was about something else…

Roasted Beet and Rocket Salad

You’d think I could have come up with a better title for this one. There’s no denying though, the salad is a crowd pleaser

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Asian penicillin. This is my go to all time favourite comfort food and meal of choice when I’m starting to feel a tad on the manky side.

Sayur Urab- Balinese Mix Vegetable Salad

Balinese food is about more than nasi goreng or bintang beer, and salads like this are the island on a plate.

Friday Five: The Melbourne Five

How did I keep it to just five things I love about this city? Close behind was this one- Friday Five: The Melbourne Edition.

Steamed Barramundi Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce

This is a real treat your body like a temple dish- and one I’ll be reaching for on January 1.

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  1. Do you find yourself surprised by / at those posts which prove popular? I often think I’ve written something amazing and it gets no views and no comments (well, barely any!). My book reviews are an example of that, but I’ll keep doing them anyway. Plus often I’m writing for me anyway!

    1. Absolutely. Often I’m surprised by the views on something I thought was pretty ordinary. What can I say?

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