Brighton Beach to St Kilda Coast Walk…


‘Of course it won’t rain,’ I said.

‘Yep, you’ll be warm enough,’ I said.

‘Nor far-about 6.5 kms,’ I said.

‘You’ll love it,’ I said.

‘How hard can it be?’ I said.


All of these statements were true in part.

As we stepped off the train at Brighton Beach and headed towards the water, both Miss 15 and I zipped up our hoodies and shoved our hands in our pockets as protection against the wind.

‘Can I carry the backpack?’ she asked, ‘I need the warmth.’

‘Why would people worry about beach houses down here?’ she asked. ‘It’s not like it’s ever warm enough to go in the water,’ she added, looking out to the sullen, grey of Port Phillip Bay.

Just another couple of hundred metres along the path, we’re stripping off jackets and applying sunscreen.

Then we’re putting jackets back on again, and zipping them against a wind that roars through our ears, and rain that drives against our skin like tiny pellets.

Aaaah Melbourne…four seasons in one day.

I’ve done the St-Kilda to Brighton walk three times now. The first time I got sunburned and cooled off in the Bay. The second time was in the middle of winter and I froze. On Tuesday, it was a mix of the two- we got wet, we were cold, and we were sunburned.


Why do this walk?

Quite simply, because it’s beautiful. On a good day, the views are spectacular. On a bad day, its moody, gloomy, and elemental. On a day like Tuesday, it’s all of these.

On one side you have the Bay, and its ever changing colours and kite surfers. On the other side is some of the most expensive real estate in Melbourne. In between are the Beach-house of Middle Brighton in all of their technicoloured glory.


And at the end? Well, at the end is St Kilda…and a well earned lunch.


How far is it?

We started at Brighton Beach railway station and finished just in front of the St Kilda Baths. This clocked on Map My Run at 9.2kms.

How hard is it?

Easy and completely flat.

Allow 2 hours to allow for ambling, photos, oohing and aahing over the views and if only-ing about the real estate.

We battled the elements too and at times felt like we were walking into a force 10 gale- although that is possibly a small exaggeration…


What about the paths?

The path is in good, even condition the whole way, with much of it separated between walkers and cyclists.

Dog Friendly?

Yep, but mostly leashed only – on the paths, anyway. This is a doggy paradise, with a fenced off leash area giving your furry friends a chance to gambol in the sand and the bay.



Yep. There are facilities at most of the beaches along the way.


There are coffee spots at each of the beaches.


There are heaps of options at St Kilda- way too many to mention.


We ate at Republica on the beach. The intention was for fish and chips outside, but the wind put paid to that idea. Instead, it was pizzas inside…looking out.


Don’t forget…

A hat, sunscreen and water….and swimmers for a dip- if you’re feeling brave.

Getting there…

We caught a train to Brighton Beach. Just head towards the water and head north. Too easy. We caught a tram back to the city from St Kilda.


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