Paper Airplanes



It was a warm December day.

It was near the end of school.

My head was feeling light.

The first time…

I know what you’re thinking…but it’s not that.

The subject for todays link up is My First Rebellion.

The scene for this rebellion, the first real one, was Year 8 Geography, Bombala High.

The prevailing mood was…bored.

Seriously, how do teachers do it? Geography is fascinating. The world is fascinating, yet every single geography teacher I had all those years ago made it seem anything but.

Anyways, I was bored. So I constructed paper airplanes from my class notes and flew them out the window. After all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in geography? Fly?

All was good until the airplanes came back in- the same window. Ooops.

I was sent out of the room, so were my friends.

The boredom had just been relocated, so we decided to walk down to the local pool. After all, it was December, it was warm, it was the last week of school, and geography is all about exploring…right?

So down the hill we head, stopping first at my home. Mum wasn’t home, so I jemmied open the laundry window to get in, grabbed my towel and swimmers and on we continued.

Next stop was my friend’s house. She did the same. And so it went.

Finally we get to the pool. Where my Mum just happened to be. She saw us, said nothing and simply pointed back up the hill…to school.

Rebellion over.

We were back at school and standing outside the geography classroom before the double lesson had finished.

Linking up today with Kerri Sackville’s Monday Firsts

7 Comments on “Paper Airplanes

  1. Love this! Simple, concise, well-written!
    Can picture your mum at the pool…

  2. Oh no… what is the likelihood of your mum being there?!

    PS. If you tell me it was high and she was often there I’ll be saying…. #WTF were you thinking?!

  3. what can I say? It was a small town…but yeah, WTF? I obviously hadn’t thought it through…

  4. Haha…that’s the thing about country towns, it’s difficult to be rebellious discreetly! Paper aeroplanes are a little naughty but far preferable to spit balls (from a teacher’s perspective) 🙂

    • Remember that rough surface they used to have on the ceilings & the spitballs would stick to? then when they dried out they’d just drop? Eeeeeeuw.

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