How to make: Strawberry Cloud Cake…


Anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen will have a party favourite in their repertoire- you know, that one dish that you pull out every time you have a crowd to feed.

This Strawberry Cloud Cake is mine. It’s impressive, it’s pretty, it’s seriously easy to put together and, I have it on good authority, it tastes good…although given that I no longer eat sugar, I have to take my guests word for that one! And it’s pink.

Just what is a cloud cake? Aside from having a delectable name, this creation is a feather-light, frozen cross between an ice cream and a mousse, with none of the faffing around that usually goes with these.

It’s also a piece of scientific mastery as this

photo-15 Becomes this,


on the way to becoming thick and pink and fluffy


And then, this.


I serve with raspberries and raspberry sauce, but sadly, by the time I got my camera out to style it properly, someone had already put a knife to it.

I won’t reprint the recipe, the link to Annabel Langbein’s site and the recipe is here

Try it next time you have a crowd…

Author: Jo

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