I must confess: reality tv shows…


The worst part of any visit to the hairdressers is what I like to call the Kardashian effect, ie the celebrity magazines that seem to be all that’s available to read.

And they all have stories about something called a Kardashian.

As far as I can figure it, the word Kardashian is a collective noun, comprising of a lot of people whose name begins with the letter K.

As far as I can figure it, they design handbags…or something.

As far as I can figure it, they were in some reality show… or something. I have no idea what qualified them to be in a reality show to start with.

And that is where my problem lies- this week’s confession is about reality shows, and, well, I watch very few of them. I avoid any reality show “starring” celebrities, used to be celebrities or wanna be celebrities.

I avoid talent shows where the talk is more about the judges than the acts.

I avoid cooking shows where it’s more about bad food and bad behavior than inspiration.

I avoid lifestyle shows where the contestant casting is done from a point of potential conflict rather than design excellence.

I avoid weight loss shows where it seems tears and breakdowns are required before any progress can be made.

I used to watch The Biggest Loser- until the crying and the blame game and the excuses and the bitchiness and the ritual humiliation ruined it for me.

I used to watch My Kitchen Rules until the bitchiness took over from the food.

I used to watch The Block, but just lately there seems to be more bitchiness and less renovation and design. Having said that, I do tune in for the weekly room reveal.

From what I’ve seen on the trailers for this years Masterchef– a show I’ve loved from the very start- I have a feeling that the producers are bumping up the bitchiness and rivalry- at the expense of the cooking.

Hmmmm….are you seeing a theme here?

What’s left?

I’m hoping that the judges will prevail over the producers, and the negativity that is so much a part of other Aussie reality TV shows doesn’t creep into Masterchef. I’m hoping the trailers are edited just to get the MKR viewers in. I’m hoping that it will be about the food, the ingredients and marvelous Melbourne.

In the meantime, there’s always Grand Designs (UK), and Location, Location Location (UK)

So tell me…are you addicted to any reality TV? What turns you off these shows? What keeps you watching?

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3 Comments on “I must confess: reality tv shows…

  1. I don’t mind a bit of reality TV in small doses. I like the Block, but haven’t got into the current season – I agree it’s more about the bitchiness than the design. I like The Voice – only cause it creates a lot of family debate! And I didn’t mind MKR as I thought most of the meals were appealing. As for weight loss shows or shows with celebrity / wannabe celebrities – no thanks! Life’s too short!

  2. I agree. I do not watch very much TV but I do not like how these shows turn everything into a drama. At least The Voice isn’t like that. I’m not sure what category that would fall in – it’s not a perfect show either. It’s called The VOICE but it is focussed on so much more than that!
    Not a reality show, but I tried to watch the movie, Kath and Kimberella last night (I love the original TV series) and I couldn’t take it!! Kim was too much to bear and all the classic jokes were way over-acted!! I just couldn’t stand to watch it. I feel I’m getting very sensitive to drama and negativity and I try very hard to rid it from my own life, why on earth would I want to watch other people (real or fiction) promoting fear based emotions? Are there any shows that are purely based on love and kindness? Ommmmm

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