friday five: oh the pain…


So anyways, I should be working at the library this morning, putting together some pitches, or maybe doing some work on my astro manuscript, or perhaps writing the astro course I’m meant to be developing, or even editing my novel.

There are lots of things I could be doing.

Instead I am stuck in this chair, immobilised by pain.

Now before you go and make all concerned and well meaning noises, this is apparently good pain. I say apparently because nothing about this feels good at the moment.

I blame my daughter.

Actually I blame my daughter’s swim training. They’ve changed the days. From Tues, Wed, Fri to Mon, Tues, Thurs.

Now I know that 5.30am in the pool means a 5am start whichever day it happens to fall on. Right?

I generally go to the gym next door while she is swimming. At that time of the morning, at my age, weight and level of knee degeneration, I spend the first half hour warming up (yes, it takes that long) and then spend an hour faffing about on cardio and weight machines.

I hate the weight machines. I’ve been bitching for a while now about how I’d love to go back to pump class. And yes, for the strength training purists, I know it doesn’t count, but barbells and music somehow makes the whole thing almost fun.

The thing is, the daytime classes are full of the yummy mummy brigade and when I go in the afternoons I’m usually with Miss T and she’s not allowed to do pump until she’s 16. So my excuses have been good.

Anyways, now that the days have changed, I can now attend the 6am Pump classes on Mondays and Thursdays. There are no more excuses. So I went yesterday, and now I’m in pain. Extreme pain. And it’s all because of swimming. And yes, I’ve read all the motivational posters about sweat being fat crying etc etc etc. I get that, but it still hurts.

Todays Friday five is a rundown of where most of the pain is:


These are the muscles that you’re supposed to have in your butt. The ones that round out your jeans nicely rather than pull them towards the ground. These hurt- a lot. I blame the squat track.


These ones are the big muscles running down the front of the thigh. Between these and the quads, getting in and out of anything (or on and off anything) means a lot of moaning, groaning and old peoples noises.


The flabby bits that come out the side of the bra. Too much information? These hurt, and it stretches all the way around under my arms. There are muscles there too. Apparently.


I’ve been flexing them this morning. They feel like they should be bigger than they are. Just saying.


I have no idea which of these muscles hurts the most. I think the ones where the flabby bits are at the back of my bra. I know, too much information again.

4 Comments on “friday five: oh the pain…

  1. I do sympathise. I’ve had nasty pain in my lower back this week. All the training I’ve done over the last 12 months and barely a twinge, run to the car in the rain last weekend and the muscles in my lower back really didn’t like it. Aaaargh 🙂

  2. Oh… I miss pump classes. I have no excuse though and could be going. I guess….

    PS. Must skype with you again soon. Am yet to do ANY pitches (for freelancing or blogging stuff) and trying to get my head around the fact I need to. *sigh*

    • absolutely! Would love to have another chat…let me know which afternoons you’re free..

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