friday five: accidental buddhas

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Yes, I know that it’s Saturday, and this is a Friday Five column…but you know what? I don’t rightly give a faff.

I’m off to Thailand next week and am far too busy being excited.

Naturally I’ll blog photos and bits & pieces here (as internet and time allows), but for now, here’s what I’m looking forward to most in and around Bangkok:


While I’m way too attached to be detached, I’ve long been fascinated with Buddhism. My family have limited me to 3 intentional buddhas. Accidental buddhas are ok.

What’s this intentional and accidental Buddha thing? Essentially we can only go out intentionally 3 times for the purpose of seeing one temple or another. If we come across another temple while out doing anything else, that counts as an accidental Buddha. Clear?


We all love our spices and chillis and are looking forward to eating…lots. I have quite a few recommendations to follow up and am so looking forward to trying a real green papaya salad…and a real green curry…and a real jungle curry…and a real pad thai…you get the idea.

Walking Foodie Tour

You see so much more on foot and Bangkok Food Tours do walking foodie tours. Enough said.

Markets and Fishing Villages

We have this thing about markets- food and produce markets. I’m not so hung up on bargaining over fake bling. Anyways, we’re looking forward to checking out the produce markets, the floating markets, and this one that has a train run through it. I’ll let you know.

Elephant Rides

It’s on my bucket list and, surprisingly, my husband’s bucket list as well. Miss T is a little more hesitant. Ideally we’d like to do one around Ayutthaya, the ancient political capital of Siam.

What are you looking forward to or loving right now?

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  1. Love the bit about accidental/intentional Buddhas. I’m sure that rule can apply to most of us on holidays, like shopping. I’m always saying one more shop…
    Have fun, Jo, hope all your pending works in progress are filed away:)

  2. Oh how exciting… I hadn’t realised you were off on a holiday. I also love the intentional / accidental label – can use it in many many ways!

    Can’t wait to see some pics and hear about the trip!

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