I must confess…I eat the red ones last…


This weeks Confessional linky is about devices- how many, what sort, how addictive.

I started counting up the various i-devices in this house, quickly got embarrassed, and decided not to post…for security reasons, you understand.

My confessional this week is instead about the slightly weird things I do with food- and no, it’s not how it sounds.

I’m a rotation eater. There I said it. And before you ask, food is the only thing that I do this with- the rest of my life tends more towards chaos than focus.

Anyways, I eat in a “don’t like as much to like the most” order.

I’m better than I used to be. I used to overeat just so that I’d get to the parts I liked the most after eating the things I liked the least. Now I rotation eat in smaller portions rather than attacking the plate as a whole.

If it’s, say, a roast dinner, it might be pumpkin, followed by peas, potato and meat. Repeat. It means I can leave what I want, without missing out on my favourite. I like my last taste to be something I like.

In curries and stir-fries, I’ll do the same, picking out the vegies and then the meat, until I’m finally left with rice and sauce. It means I can leave half the rice without missing out. Missing out- yep, there’s a theme here.

I don’t have an issue with mixing things on a plate, just not on my fork. I don’t like to mix my tastes. I’m fine with salads and things that are meant to be eaten together, it’s just…I don’t know…plate stuff. Maybe it goes back to the pumpkin spud Mum used to make that I’d gag on- mashed pumpkin and potato mixed together…eeeeuw….with peas…triple eeeeeuw.

I do the same with smarties and M&Ms…when I’m not on my no sugar thing, that is.  It’s not a whole box thing, but rather by the handful. First the brown, then green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Actually, I’m not really sure about the middle order- just that the red are eaten last. Always red last. I have no idea why.

And I always offer the last rolo and the bottom of the cornetto cone to my husband- because he does the same for me.

Any one else out there have any strange eating habits? Please don’t leave me hanging out here on this one! 

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  1. I love this confession Jo! I don’t have too many weird eating habits (I’m really quite boring and predictable!) but I do like having any remaining food look even on my plate. So in the morning when I have my oats I have to take some from each side in turn so it continues to look even – that’s a little strange, isn’t it? Thanks so much for linking up again this week!

  2. Not a confession about food, but how i eat: Having grown up in a “clean your plate” household, I now always leave something on my plate. Even if I prepare it & serve myself & am eating alone.
    If I’m at a restaurant or a guest at someone’s home, I have to leave a little of each item – and it must look “pretty” when I’m done. Because Lord, people must be scrutinizing my plate like my mother used to, lol.

  3. Sadly I sometimes leave my fave things on my plate til last (usually the carbs, I eat the meat / veges first!) and so I HAVE to fit them in… no matter what!

    I combine things that ‘suit’ (meats and sauces, meat and carbs) but don’t get it when people get Chinese (for eg) and then get multiple things on their plates at once and eat them together. ONE TASTE AT A TIME PEOPLE!!!

    1. I so agree re the Chinese foods- how can you appreciate the spice mixes etc if you have it all loaded together?

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