cotton on…the sequel


So anyways, remember how I told you that my Mum was growing a cotton plant in her backyard in suburban Sydney? The link is here.

Well, the buds have all burst- if that’s what cotton buds do.


She’s nearly completed the harvest and has a heap of fluffy cotton wool. One plant has provided a lot of cotton wool.

So, what’s next?

Seeds and samples are in the classrooms of my younger nieces and nephews, and more seeds have been saved for re-planting.

Knowing Mum she’ll plant them in between everything else.


Author: Jo

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  1. wow! I was just thinking about your mum’s cotton plants the other day! Thanks for the update.
    Definitely green fingers.
    P.S. My mum would love some seeds to try if your mum is agreeable to share!

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