operation tummy fix- an update


I’ve been off the dietary wagon for a few weeks now- since Queenstown.

Since Queenstown, I haven’t strayed from my yeast free path. I haven’t even indulged in anything sweet. I have, however, been drinking wine again- every night.

Sure there’s been a lot on- birthday season for me is very busy. I’m blessed to have some great friends in my life.  Unfortunately few of of them are mutual- ie I don’t tend to mix people.

This is great in that I have a wide range of conversation topics, but not so great for the wallet, the diet or the calendar- I have a lot of lunches!

As my regime has relaxed, my portion sizes have crept up, my gym attendance has dropped off, my water intake has gone down and I’ve been less than vigilant in taking my probiotics.

As a result, I have regained 500g of the 6kgs I lost in the first 2 months.

More importantly, I’ve started waking with that familiar low dragging feel in my tummy, and the bloating is also coming back. I’m feeling tired to the bones and foggy in the brain. Other PCOS and candida symptoms have returned too- but that is moving into too much information territory.

The thing is, the first 8 weeks of my new lifestyle, weren’t that difficult.

While I missed (in particular) bread and wine, the almost immediate reduction in symptoms was sufficient impetus to keep going.

The occasional slip is human, but just lately old habits are creeping back. I’ve got complacent- I was feeling better, so I let things slide. Thankfully I’ve caught it early enough that not too much damage has been done.

Anyways, I’ve climbed back onto the wagon. I’m sure the road will be a little bumpy for a bit, but will even out not too far ahead.

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3 comments on “operation tummy fix- an update”
  1. Debbish says:

    I wonder how it’d go if you were wine free on weekdays for eg and only had some on weekends and watched what else you had on those days… Do you think small amounts would be okay?

    1. jo says:

      I reckon it’s going to have to be ok…(she says after having 2 red wines with dinner…)

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