I must confess…my obsessions…


I’m currently working my way through the TV series Bones, season by season.

I’m up to Season 4 now- I was late to the Bones party.

Before that I watched The West Wing, season by season. I was late to the West Wing party too.

In between I started Game of Thrones but couldn’t quite get the same level of obsession happening.

And that’s exactly what I do when I’m in the middle of one of these series. I obsess.

I do the same with books. If I find a new author I’ll read their entire back catalogue. The thing is, it’s rarely a new new author, but rather a new one that everyone else had previously discovered. The point is, I’ll read everything by that author before I read anything else by anyone else.

I have a habit of obsessing on whatever it is that I’m doing- until it all becomes too much.

I went through a stage where I was doing a lot of scrapbooking- every single spare minute.

Then there was the time that I decided to file all of my slides and negatives into those little plastic sleeves- and I used to take a lot of photos. More recently I’ve done the virtual version with my digital files.

And let’s not even mention the time that I spent days copying albums from iTunes onto CDs.

There’s so many other examples littered through the house of stages I’ve been through. That reminds me- I really need to dig that glass grinder out and list it on ebay. Yep, I went through a lead lighting phase.

When I’m in first draft mode, I write every available minute- until it’s done. Then I don’t write another word for a month or so.

I do this- I go from chaos to control, anything goes to obsession in the flick of a switch.

And when I obsess about something (or someone) I obsess about it…until I don’t. It’s a case of more is more until I decide that I don’t want any of it. Currently I’m obsessing over when a friend will ring me regarding an overdue catchup. It’s what I do.

As for secret obsessions? I have them too…but that would be moving into way too much information territory.

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5 comments on “I must confess…my obsessions…”
  1. Debbish says:

    Oh I do the same thing. I love TV on DVD for that reason. I can just rent the series and watch it in a weekend. Waiting til the next season often kills me though!

    I do the same with books. Recent discoveries are Alafair Burke, Jan Burke and PJ Tracey. I’ve scoured our library shelves for anything they’ve written and am almost out. I’ll need to ‘discover’ some new authors soon!

    1. jo says:

      I’ve just started something new by Tana French- an Irish crime novelist. I think I’m about to be addicted.

  2. I went through a Bones phase too but it was replaced by an even greater and enduring obsession with Castle – man I love that show! I hope you find someone else on eBay who’s going through a lead lighting phase 😉 Also I’m so sorry for taking so long to comment Jo – last week was nuts – I really do appreciate that you link up each week!

    1. jo says:

      Yep, I’m a Castle fan too- I love the procedurals with some humour in them. Can’t be faffed with anything that takes itself so seriously!

    2. jo says:

      oh and as for the linking up bit? I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of the weekly topic.

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