5 things I’ve learned from reality tv…

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If you asked me, I’d tell you that I don’t watch reality tv. I’d be fibbing.

I couldn’t care who a Kardashian is snogging, I find Real Housewives of anywhere a yawn fest and avoid top model and project runway and top or project anything else.

I get that anything that encourages people to live a healthier life is a good thing, but find so much wrong with the one size fits all break em down and humiliate them first concept of the Biggest Loser that I can’t go there either.

I am, however, addicted to The Block. I love it. I love the ideas, I love the styling, I love the transformation, I love the whole idea that anything is possible. Sure it’s cliched, it’s blokey, but…whatever.

I also love Masterchef- all versions of the franchise, and I used to love My Kitchen Rules. These days though it seems to be more about the bitchiness of certain contestants and less about the food- which is a pity as there seems to be some genuinely nice and talented people on the show…with 2 exceptions. I also dislike how the producers have seemed to ensure that the “villains” tend to be cliched minorities- there’s no room for this in 2013.

Anyways, in the interests of a Friday Five, here are the things that I’ve learned from the reality TV that I do watch.

Every house needs a…

RBL- really big ladder

Every house also needs…

A mock cow-hide splashback in the kitchen and a cast iron oven turned into a fish tank.

Despite what my husband says…

It is possible to paint at night.

It’s not possible in the real world to…

Lose 20 kgs in 4 weeks.

If I was on MKR I would…

Melt down…repeatedly. I’d probably also be divorced.



3 comments on “5 things I’ve learned from reality tv…”
  1. I too love the block and what I wouldn’t give for a mezzanine as an office!

    1. jo says:

      Agree- I loved that room…

  2. Debbish says:

    I tend to watch the ‘talent-based’ ones – which I know you could say about Masterchef, The Block etc… but it’s really only X Factor, The Voice and So You Think You Can Dance for me. Although I’m watching the US version of American Idol at the moment.

    I actually don’t watch the audition shows (cos I hate the silliness and those that take the piss) so only start watching when the live performances start.

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