I must confess…what’s on my iPod

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So I’m taking a break from my Queenstown posts to link up with this weeks I must confess linky thing.

And this weeks topic? It’s a bit of a music confessional.

Obviously I gave the game away a little the other week, so this time, as I listen to Goldfrapp’s Black Cherry album, above is a list of the most played tracks on my ipod.

Bear in mind that the most played playlist is my gym playlist- on which most of these songs live…

I’m playing Kylie’s Timebomb and Samantha Jade’s What You’ve Done To Me to death at the moment.

Amongst the mega thousands of songs on this ipod, my favourite playlists for writing work are:

A little Byron- some folksy, beachie, hippie dippie stuff- a little Waifs, Jesse Younan, Sara Tindlay, Ash Grunwald, Jen Cloher, Lior etc

A little chillout- some Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, Gypsy & the Cat, Gotye, Kimbra, Emiliana Torrini, Feist, Florence & the Machine  etc

A little Aussie- seeker Lover Keeper, Sarah Blasko, Josh Pyke, The Audreys, Angus & Julia Stone, Lisa Mitchell, Holly Throsby, Clare Bowditch, Matt Corby, Missy Higgins.

I have playlists for when we have Italian for dinner, playlists with just French artists (I love Emilie Simon), playlists to be sad by, playlists to be angsty by, playlists to be happy by, playlists to be classical by, playlists to meditate to, playlists to cook to, playlists to drive to and playlists to dance to.

There are playlists to remember daggier times, playlists to swing to and playlists to drink martinis to. Essentially there are songs and beats for all possible circumstances.

There are some songs and artists that you’ll never find here- I have a lengthy list of top 10 most hated songs…yes, there are more than 10 on the list, but I fear I’d upset way too many of you if I told you what was on there!

As an aside? I think I’d make a bloody good drummer…just saying.

One Comment on “I must confess…what’s on my iPod

  1. You are so organised to have playlists for seemingly every occasion. I have ONE playlist, my favourites playlist, which has 200 or so of my absolute favs on it. I think I need to look at this more deeply and better organise my music life! Thanks so much for linking up again Jo!

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