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I’m not a blockbuster kind of girl.

I did watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but only because I had 4 weeks off work after a major op. Did I enjoy them? Not really. Did I appreciate them? I guess so- especially the scenes with Viggo Mortensen…and yes, that came out loud.

It goes without saying that I haven’t seen The Hobbit– nor do I intend to.

So why, then, would I even consider doing a 4WD tour specialising in movie locations?

Because it’s Queenstown and the scenery is stunning…which I guess is why people like Jane Campion and Peter Jackson (and others) have been able to capitalise on these natural resources.

Julie, our guide at Nomad Safaris understood that.


She listened to us and took us to some of the most fabulous scenery around Queenstown- many of which just happened to also have been included in movies…and no, I’m not going through what is and isn’t.


We checked out some stunning vistas on the road to Glenorchy,


watched idiots swimming and jet boats jetting on the Dart River from Glenorchy Jetty…

Glenorchy Jetty
Glenorchy Jetty
Glenorchy Jetty
Glenorchy Jetty

and had a cuppa at the very aptly named Paradise. It was the best cup of tea we had all week.


Julie was the perfect guide. A keen tramper, she knows this area like the back of her hand. She was also able to talk us through some of the endurance walks in and around the Queenstown area.


I found myself tempted to rashly declare that the Kepler or Routeburn or Milford Tracks were to be added to my bucket list…then I remembered that all of them involve lugging a huge pack. They also involve huts with long drop toilets. Hmmmm.


Then she said that the Routeburn now has a 5 star option… Hmmmmm.



Want to know more about Nomad Safaris? They also do another movie scene safari around the Wakatipu Basin, but also do some other back country exploring. Check them out at

Oh, the usual fine print- I paid for my own trip, blah blah, this is my opinion only, blah blah…

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  1. Hmmm… how gorgeous is that scenery!

    PS. I will watch The Hobbit on DVD eventually cos I have a (not-so-secret) fetish for Richard Armitage who’s in the movie!

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