The Swimming Carnival


So yesterday was Miss T’s swimming carnival.

I went, sort of like a one woman cheer squad. She asked me to go- even knowing what I’m like.

In all the years that I worked full time I missed these events. On the occasion that I did make it for a couple of hours, I’d be taking calls and checking emails and messages.

Last year was the first that I was there for the whole event. She made comment- I hadn’t realised that my absences had meant as much to her as they did- she never said.

I felt guilty- in that I’d missed the others- and honoured that she so obviously appreciated the support. She’d always accepted the absences, without a word of complaint, but the beam on her face when she got out of the pool after winning her butterfly event and saw I was there made it worth while.

The thing is, I love the school swimming carnival for these five reasons:

Swimming is her thing.

Miss T is a squad swimmer and trains before school most mornings. This is her favourite day of the whole school year. This is what she’s worked for all year.

The Commentary team

I tweeted it yesterday.  It’s hard to pick a favourite, although “I don’t think they know they’re supposed to be doing backstroke” ranks up there…along with “…and they’re off…some of them are even swimming.” And let’s not forget, “show us your sax, yes, I said sax…” during Tina Turner’s Simply the Best.


The Music

The music is exactly how I like it- loud and boppy. I’m not allowed to dance though- Miss T reminded me that she knows people. I did allow myself a surreptitious finger point or two when the Grease megamix came on. She was on the blocks ready for her 200m free when Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer came on. All she did was shake her head in warning. She smashed that race.

I got another head shake when Bohemian Rhapsody was playing just before she jumped for the 200m Individual Medley. She smashed it too.

The Results

I love watching the look on kids faces when they win a race or smash a personal best.

Last year all Miss T’s hard work was rewarded with an age championship. The final results aren’t in yet for yesterday, although with some almighty swims, she’s given the defence of her title all that she’s got. I think she got there.

The Party Atmosphere

The annual swimming carnival is a bit like a picnic on a sunny day. It’s ok not to be a swimmer- you can chant instead…or dance…or paint yourself in your house colours. Even the teachers get into it and groove away- it makes them a little more human.

As a parent, you sit back in your fold up chair with your picnic lunch, slather on the sunscreen and enjoy the day.

This year I got chatting to a couple who had flown in from the Philippines to watch their grandson (who is new to the school) compete. They were so proud- it was beautiful to see.  He rewarded their efforts with some massive swims. I didn’t tell them that Miss T told me that half of the girls in year 10 think he’s seriously hot. Her words.



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  1. I loved reading your tweets and FB updates the other day on this. Seriously funny. Whoever was doing the commentary has a delicious sense of humour – none appeared to be insulting…. just funny.

    What a great day and how fabulous you were able to share it!


  2. It was a laugh- & they were so supportive as well. The senior races are always a laugh because they do weird dives etc just for the participation points. I went up to the commentary team (2 of the PE teachers) afterwards to tell them how awesome they were.

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