all you need is love…


So it’s Valentines Day.

I know it’s a travesty to my Pisces-ness, but I’ve never, and I mean never, done Valentines Day.

In every other way I consider myself a romantic- hell, I write romance!

As an astrologer, love is what everyone wants to know about. That’s cool, love makes the world go around and all you need is love, and love is a many splendoured thing… unless you don’t have it in your life.

A couple of years ago I was in New York with a friend over Valentines Day. My friend wanted to go up the Empire State Building on Valentines Night. I didn’t want to queue. I don’t do queuing either. Instead we went up on the night of the 13th, which was Valentines Day In Sydney anyway.

Honestly it was so freezing up there that if I was Meg Ryan, there’s no way I would have waited any longer than I had to for Tom Hanks. There’s a lot to be said about the sacrifices that you make for love, but does that include freezing your bits off?

Besides, after queuing for hours, any romance that I might have had and that hadn’t been frozen off would have definitely soured.

But that’s just me.

I think the issue that I have, aside from the fact that restaurants and florists take the opportunity to hoik prices sky high, is the expectation of it all. The whole today is Valentines Day so you should show your love expectation.

Showing your love is a wonderful thing, but I don’t like to be told when I should be showing it. I show it because I want to show it.

Having said that, it is a nice reminder that when life gets in the way, your long suffering partner is right there beside you.

I’m fortunate, I have one of those husbands who does nice things at unexpected moments during the year…I guess if I didn’t I might have greater expectations for VDay.

Don’t get me wrong, I do always make the effort of cooking something a little nicer for dinner, it’s just that we don’t do the card, gift and flowers thing. Although last year he brought me home a bottle of Bollinger bubbly- to be opened when I get a publishing contract. It’s still unopened. The gesture wasn’t a Valentines Day thing- the day was coincidental. It was more a I believe in you and Dan Murphys was having a Valentines Day sale thing. I cried.

Early in our relationship he reckoned that he’d ordered flowers from the florist next to the bank where we both worked in Canberra. I told him that I’d ordered from the same florist and maybe that’s why they didn’t arrive- one order had cancelled out the other.

The following year the same thing happened. The year after he gave me a card with roses on the front- “in case that bloody florist doesn’t deliver again…”

To this day he still orders Valentines flowers from the same guy in Canberra- he is yet to deliver. Maybe this year…

What about you? Do you do anything for Valentines Day? Is it just a Hallmark day or something more? Do you dread it? Ignore it? Something else entirely?

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