friday five…


What I’m loving this week

My new handbag by Nancy Bird. I got it in their sale and just love it. The back is the softest orange leather and the inside is the same fabric as the dustbag.

I love it. I already said that, didn’t I?


What I’m coveting

These wall dots available at Ponyrider. I also love the banners. I especially love “sneakers.” Unfortunately I can neither afford nor justify them. Another minor issue is I don’t have anywhere to put them…. Sigh.

What I’m looking forward to

I’m off to Queenstown, New Zealand, for a long weekend in just over 2 weeks. I’m leaving the family here and catching up with a girlfriend. I can’t wait.

on Queenstown Hill
on Queenstown Hill

Operation Tummy Fix

The initial 4 week hard work has been done- and I’ve lost a total of 4.2kgs while sticking to the same number of calories I was consuming back in December. Sure I have a long way to go, and the weight loss is now slowing down, but my tummy and general yucky hormonal symptoms have almost completely gone.

I’ve stuck to it remarkably well, so will probably keep going- at least until I’m faced with bread so incredibly good that I have no choice but to sneak in a slice.

Having said that, the no wine rule will be relaxed, somewhat, in Queenstown- it’s a geographic necessity.

My recipe of the week

The only dairy I’m permitted is plain, natural, unsweetened yoghurt. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to eat the fruit versions again. Anyways, yoghurt is a perfect vehicle for marinating chicken- especially when you add spices.

I’ve been throwing in some fresh grated ginger, crushed garlic, turmeric, paprika, garam masala and lemon juice, and leaving it be for about 30 minutes before popping it on a tray in the oven (200C) for about 30 minutes.

Miss T & I rugged up on Queenstown Hill, April 2011
Miss T & I rugged up on Queenstown Hill, April 2011

6 Comments on “friday five…

  1. I’ve been meaning to marinate chicken in yogurt for ages! I just never got around to it… I had been thinking of using curry and cumin and other spices in mine, but maybe I’ll have to reconsider after hearing about your grated fresh ginger!

    • I use about a tablespoon of ginger for around 500g chicken & 200g yoghurt. I also use 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon each of turmeric, paprika & garam masala…& a touch of cayenne.

  2. Great work on changing your diet to help with your stomach! Are you doing okay with the no alcohol thing? That would kill me. Guess the weight loss is an added extra, but well done!

    • I’m allowed some vodka- which is keeping me sane, but only a couple a week. I miss wine, I miss bread- a lot. It’s funny, this time I’m focusing on feeling better rather than simply weighing less- and it’s working. I look at bread & remember the dull draggy tummy or the painful bloating & decide it’s not worth it…yet…

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