I must confess…my first blog post

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the photo I used on that first site. Photo credit: me.

My first blog post was back in March 2009 on the now superceded joroseastrology blogspot page.

It was a pithy little piece that I’d done for my sisters gym challenge. I’d given it the oh so original title of “Losing It: Weight Loss by the Stars”.

I followed it with the even more originally titled “Your Boss By the Stars.” That one, just a few weeks later, got me the weekly blogging gig I have now with Your Career & the Cosmos for astrology.com.

Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because Kirsty from My Home Truths is hosting a weekly linky confessional thing. I like the concept, so I’m linking.

Anyways, back to my first blog…I can actually read it without cringing, although can’t say the same for others of the same vintage.

By June 2009, I’d graduated to a self hosted blog Jo Tracey Astrology, with my first piece also the first piece I wrote using a song title as the post title- Are You Ready to Jump? Since then, using song titles or lyrics has become a bit of a trademark of mine for my astro posts. Using music helps me illustrate a concept without using words like “journey”.

Over the years I’ve attempted to indulge my love for travel, cooking and writing within the pages of my astro blog, but early in 2012 it became apparent that the two would need to be separated. And Anyways was born.

My first piece was again a pithy little piece, this time about my forays back into the world of Les Mills Aerobics- the clapping- please make it stop! It was quickly followed by this is what dreams are made of– a travel piece.

Each of the blogs reflects a part of me- one the part that would like to bring astrology out of the woo woo navel gazing realm and into real life, while the other is me, in my real life. Both blogs have completely different audiences- and that’s as it should be. I love each- in different ways.

Blogging gives me a creative outlet when the words are stuck, a vehicle for my photography, a platform for my whims and a habit for my writing.

What was your first blog post? Do you read it and cringe? Read it and see how far you’ve come? Or something else entirely?



4 comments on “I must confess…my first blog post”
  1. I enjoyed reading about your blogging journey – it’s been a long one, with many twists and turns but it looks as if you have things working well for you now. I have to confess as a former Les Mills class attendee I envy you your coordination – I was never able to get my moves right in step classes! Thanks so much for taking part in I Must Confess, hope you can join in again sometime soon!

  2. Debbish says:

    My first blog post was in my Blogger blog (Jan 2009) – still lives somewhere on the internet. I initially maintained a blogger and wordpress post BOTH with the same name (Write About Now), but then just ignored the blogger one. When I finally started promoting my posts to others I went back and deleted a few of the early ones – I wrote about trying to get pregnant etc. My wordpress blog eventually became Debbish. Diet Schmiet started in 2010 and lives on.

    Love some of your early blog topics and don’t think they’re naff at all!

  3. Me says:

    I have linked my first post on this blog in with Kirsty but am now off to find the first blog post I ever wrote !!! I want to see how much (or little) my writing has changed !!!
    Have a great week !
    #ConfessionTime visitor

  4. iSophie says:

    I have really been enjoying reading everyone’s blogging beginnings, it has been engrossing!

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