in the closet…


It’s rained all day.

Not just rained, but Rained. Steady, strong, constant. There’s more to come, but it could be worse- there’s flooding all up the East Coast and South East Queensland.

After a brief foray outside for yum cha at the club, I spent the afternoon emptying out the linen closet, stopping from time to time to remember when.

There was the single bed Ken Done quilt that I bought in 1988 with my first out of home paycheck. There was the bright yellow sheets that I’d bought to go with it, and the pillowcases I made from a Ken Done green fabric with white waves and sailboats dotted across it. I’d wanted a Ken Done doona cover for ages.

There was the Arabic style print that I bought to decorate our bed in our very first home back in 1991. I remembered choosing it in the months before the building was completed, and keeping it in its wrapping until moving day. We were so proud of that little house. The print had a dark blue background and these huge jewel like flowers and leaves. I loved it, but when I showed Miss T today, she raised her eyebrows and said ‘were you serious?’

Then there was the William Morris inspired blue and white Country Road daffodil print that was purchased to decorate our room in our first Sydney home. That was 1993. I was going through a bit of a white linen and lace almost Victoriana phase in those days.

In between were prints so incredibly ugly that they never made it into the closet, but instead are used as paint drop sheets.

Fast track to the mid 2000s and the Laura Ashley print that I still love, despite replacing it last year with a black based Moroccan inspired textured doona cover.

These last two are the only ones that I kept- and a slippy silky Linen House number that belongs in the spare room.


My linen cupboard is a memory bank of every time I’ve redecorated our bedroom. I’ve always loved linen- and tend to base a look around falling in love with a particular print.

My linen cupboard was also full of my busyness in the months that I was pregnant with Sarah. I’d quilted floor rugs, appliqued cot covers with brightly coloured animals and stitched together fabric to make a doona cover for when she graduated to a big bed. I was seriously clever with a sewing machine in those days.


And hidden right at the bottom, below everything, was the quilt I made the year I turned 13. It comprises blocks of crocheted squares, with each block of 4 in the team colours of the rugby league competition- as it was comprised back then. Sad I know, but I kept it.



3 comments on “in the closet…”
  1. Debbish says:

    We were trying to describe Ken Done to someone recently. I can’t recall the context but they had no idea!

    I love the first pic of the series, but wasn’t quite sure where it fit in. (Is it the Moroccan doona cover?)

  2. jo says:

    aaah the first one is the Moroccan number…yep.

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