Friday Five: The Photos

New York
New York

I’m having a few problems coming up with a Friday Five today, so I’m taking a leaf out of my friend Kai Chronicles book…and doing a travel theme Friday Five.

This week it’s my five favourite travel photos. Some of these aren’t the best photographically, but they’re special for so many other reasons.

Here goes. In no particular order.

1. Kuala Lumpur, January 2008

I’m hard pressed to find a favourite here- this was one of the best family holidays we’ve had: a few days exploring KL and a week in Penang. Just wonderful.

I even quite like the photo (below) of me, with a couple of mean looking, but gorgeous birds.

compMalaysia 2008 135

We hired a driver for the day and ended up in some great places. I love this photo of the statue at Batu Caves. It’s so big that you can see it glinting in the distance from the very top of the KL Tower. And yes, we climbed the stairs.

compMalaysia 2008 147

Back to KL Bird Park, and this peacock-who posed beautifully for me…

compMalaysia 2008 124

and my daughter- in the days when she’d pose beautifully too!

compMalaysia 2008 088

2.. New York, February 2010

Hard to believe this was nearly 3 years ago. My husband thought I was mad, travelling 30 hours in economy class for just a few days in this totally amazement (yes, the word works) city. After my flight landed a blizzard hit and the next day was a white out. Naturally I went out in it, and it seemed as if it was just me and the city. Incredible.

This photo reminds me of a romantic castle, but is, in fact, the Municipal Buildings. Even the most routine tasks can look beautiful in the right light and from the right angle.

comp Day417

3. Bali May 2012 (and February and December 2011)

Where to start? I love this place.

I took this photo in December out at Tirta Gangga


and another shot of the water park in May. The Spring flowers make a lovely change.


And this, taken at Bali Asli, has to be my favourite food shot of all…


4. New Zealand- The South Island

New Zealand requires a post all on it’s own…next week.

5. Hong Kong (Various 2008-2010)

I was lucky enough in the old partition job to do some relocation projects in Honkers. This meant I had some decent time to myself to wander and explore.

This photo of Aberdeen was taken on a free Sunday…The day was clear and mild- a rarity.


This one was taken in Macau

Macau comp2and this one at Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple…


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