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Mr T didn’t ask if he could move in with me- he just stopped going home. That was 24 years ago. It took me a couple of months to notice- by which time I was used to the idea. I can be like that.

Many years later I asked him why he didn’t, well, ask me. His response?

‘You would have had to think about it, and that’s when the trouble would have started.’

Even back then he knew what I was like when presented with what should be important personal decisions.

Four years later, however, he did ask me to marry him.

We’d managed to schedule the same rostered day off (RDO), had packed a picnic lunch and headed up the Central Coast to Norah Head. There’s a view and a lighthouse- and I like both.


I’d packed a home made terrine, chutney, a loaf of good bread, cheese and a bottle of wine.

Yesterday, nearly 20 years later, and with Miss 14 in tow, we re-traced our steps.

‘Was it this park, Darlin?’ he asked.

‘No, because there was a view.’

‘What about this one?’


Miss 14 rolled her eyes and turned her music up.

Anyways, the view was as magical as I remember.


We wandered up to the lighthouse, made smart and informed comments like ‘do you think this is the same design as the one at Cape Byron?’ and took photos of each other looking out to sea for whales…or something.

Afterwards we motored back down the coast to stop at The Entrance for fish and chips (grilled fish and salad for me…).

Same same but somehow very different.


Getting there

The Central Coast is about an hour or so drive north of Sydney (depending on where you’re coming from).

We take the Wyong exit off the Freeway and it brings us out almost at The Entrance. Norah Head is on the right a few kms up the Central Coast Highway from here. It’s not well signposted, so google maps will help.

Eating there

Not a huge range at Norah Head- a couple of takeaway shops & a nice looking coffee shop beside the reserve where we picnicked. Nothing at the lighthouse- although lots of grass for a picnic rug and basket if you are prepared better than us.

Lots of alternatives at The Entrance, and lots of picnic tables down near the water.


Watch out for

If you’re there around 3- 3.30pm they do a daily pelican feeding for the kids. The seabirds were already starting to gather when we left at 2.30.


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