friday five: the staycation five


So, my part time job has finished for now.

This means a lot of things- most of which I’ll go into in later posts, but for now it coincides with hubby being off work and the last full week of school holidays.

So, we’ll be staycationing.

Todays Friday Five is not actually a five- it’s more than five. It’s a list of places we’re looking at visiting. Some we’ve been to before, some will be new experiences for us all.

The plan is to pop them all in a bowl and pick out five.

So, without further ado, here they are:

The Basin

This is a secluded picnic, swimming spot on the Pittwater. Accessible only by ferry from Palm Beach, I last was there during my Uni years. I have no idea whether my memories will stand up to reality.

Q Station

This is the old quarantine station at North Head near Manly. From the 1830s, migrant ships arriving in Sydney with suspected contagious disease anchored inside North Head and off loaded passengers and crew into quarantine. They do ghost tours, but we’ll just go for lunch I think.

Norah Head, Central Coast

There’s a lighthouse here. I like lighthouses. And it’s where my husband proposed all those years ago- we haven’t been back since. This one will be a picnic.


Hubby likes a pub here, Miss T and I like the idea of the beach. We can do both.

Sydney Fish Markets

Lunch of freshly shucked oysters and prawns, followed by a take home pack for a platter or bouillabaisse or something fishy. Love it.

Some more:


There’s an old church here that’s great to photograph and a winery we haven’t visited.

Vaucluse House, Rose Seidler House, Elizabeth Macarthur’s House

Aussie history- might have an issue getting these past the 14 year old…but if any one of these gets drawn out, we’ll be going.

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  1. Norah Head sounds good. If you like lighthouses, you should read “The light between oceans”. It’s a fantastic read set in a lighthouse.
    Have fun staycationing!

  2. I haven’t actually heard of many (any?) of those places. It’s a great idea to staycation. Other than when I lived in Canberra, I’ve never done any touristy stuff in towns I’ve lived in!

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