the power of 3…


I like threes.

I like things in groups of threes- not twos- arrangements, that is. And, don’t read anything x rated into that comment either…

Especially coincidences. I like them in threes too.

So last week when I read a random post about random words for the year, I thought it sounded like a cool idea and I started thinking about my word could be.

I looked at the intentions on my pinboard. There’s one on there about travel and there’s one on there about earnings. So I tossed around the word “abundance”.

Then I tossed it out again.

You see I have a few doubts about the Universe’s understanding of intentions, and I have plenty of abundance already on my tummy and bum. I figure the point of this is not to have a word with a full set of fine print attached to it.

‘Hey Universe- my word is abundance. When I say abundance, I don’t mean an abundance of problems, rejections from publishers, credit card debt or tummy fat. What I really mean is an abundance of great stuff- things like passion, creativity, travel, success, money. Do we have a deal?’

‘Sorry Jo, I tuned out at abundance- what was the rest?

Get my problem?

Then the words focus, willpower and commitment rolled into my head…and very quickly out again.

They’re all very nice words, but feel a little too, I don’t know, Saturnian to me- a little too serious and grown up. I wanted my word to feel fun and reflect an almost limitless potential. I wanted my word to feel like I wanted to feel. I wanted my word to feel like the arrows under the earnings intention make me feel.

So I chose it.

Not 2 hours later I read a post from a Facebook/writer friend who’d asked the question that I’ll be asking you: “what’s your word of the year?”

So I wrote it on her page. It looked good there.

Then today came number 3- a post from The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl on, you guessed it, her word of the year.

So I figured I had better write about it.

My word is…..



Two letters- I would have liked three, but it says it all. The sky really is the limit.

So…what’s your word?


8 Comments on “the power of 3…

  1. Good idea to have an “it” word for the year. I have not thought much about it but I’d like mine to be YES. I plan to hear and see many YESES this year!

    • That’s a great word. I say YES a lot, but just lately don’t hear that many back awwwwwwwwww…..

  2. Haha! Yes, I read a one word for 2013 post, and then a three word for 2013, and decided upon Abundance, Time and Daydream. Renaissance wants to sneak in but Time decided that was 2012! I love UP !

  3. A few of the US bloggers I know have chosen words for the year. I wouldn’t know where to start.

    At least yours is easy to remember!!!

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