friday 5: making friends with salad…


I’m deep in Operation Tummy Fix…and I’m missing bread- and wine- badly.

So, todays friday 5 is how I’m sticking to it…so far…

1. Water

I’m drinking lots- all day. That’s a good thing.

I’m also drinking sparkling water out of a wine glass at night, with a slice of lime. It’s how I’m sticking to the no alcohol rule.

My naturopath has said I can have vodka and gin (in moderation), but again, I’m choosing not to for the month of January.

My eyes are feeling clearer already.

2. Lettuce Roll-ups

I’ve had these a couple of days for lunch. Iceberg lettuce cups filled with chopped veg, a small spoon of cottage cheese, and some ham. Simply roll it up, and eat it like a crunchy wrap. Yesterday I popped a few fresh prawns in. Yum.

I have the feeling that this is going to be my go to lunch of choice- it’s a great use for whatever salad veg is in the fridge. I reckon I’ll try it with grilled chicken or maybe some tinned tuna or salmon. Smoked salmon would be good too.


3. Plain Yoghurt

While dairy is on the avoid list on most anti-candida diets (it’s the sugars in the milk that can feed the candida), plain yoghurts are fine- sheep and goats milk yoghurts are even better. Yoghurt helps fill the tummy, provides much needed calcium and helps re-balance the system with good bacteria and crowd out the candida yeast to restore balance.

4. Keen on Quinoa

So I’m experimenting.

Grains are not excluded on my plan- the fibre helps keep the colon clear so the candida doesn’t have a chance to go forth and multiply. Too much information?

Last night we tried this Indian Spiced Chicken Quinoa Pilaf. It was surprisingly good. Next time I’ll add more chilli, it was definitely more of a polite handshake than a flavour whack.

A girlfriend swears by quinoa for breakfast with some cinnamon (great for blood sugar regulation) and plain yoghurt- I haven’t yet tried it.

5. Tea

More specifically, T2 French Earl Grey- in the afternoons.

With just a hint of vanilla, hibiscus, rose petals and sunflower, this one helps chase away the mid afternoon sugar cravings that I’ve started having since I gave up wine.

I haven’t eaten sugar per se for some time (although admit to the occasional sneaky chocky here and there over Christmas), but craved it when I gave up wine for a month last February. I hadn’t expected it. In response I started drinking diet soft drinks and put on weight- something to do with the messages the brain receives when it expects something sweet.

This time I thought I was prepared for that, but I wasn’t. The tea helps.

I also drink T2’s lemongrass and ginger herbal infusion and Tea Tonic’s Berry Green Tea.



6 comments on “friday 5: making friends with salad…”
  1. Debbish says:

    It would be killing me!!!

    1. jo says:

      I’m coping…just…

  2. Zohra says:

    Love the lettuce roll ups.
    Are you still allowed coffee? Would love to meetup for some writerly chat!

    1. jo says:

      sure can have coffee…next couple of weeks aren’t good, so will email you 🙂

      1. Zohra says:

        Great! Let me know.

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