friday five: top 5 break-up songs

my happy place: Legian Beach
my happy place: Legian Beach

I’ve had one of those days today where I’ve had a serious case of the blahs. So much so that even a picture of my happy place (pictured above) wasn’t sufficient to lift my spirits.

So I took myself off to my local library to get some semi decent work done on my manuscript.

At first it appeared as though that wasn’t going to work either…that is until a small group of teenagers slipped into the booth behind me and started a full on discussion about what they knew about relationships.

Two girls and a guy, they would have been 17 or so, I suppose.

One of the girls had obviously had a recent break up, and they were all gathered to discuss it. Once the ceremonial Facebook relationship status change had been completed, the discussions started.

Him: You know you’ll need to give back all the jewellery he gave you

Her: Really? Even the bracelet?

Him: Absolutely- he might need to give it to someone else.

There was much laughter, so it didn’t sound as though there was much lasting damage.

Then came the line:

Her: We’re never ever getting back together. Not ever.

Yep, I was listening to a real life Taylor Swift song.

Then the guy says, ‘you’re not upset enough- we need Adele.’

From the booth behind me came the unmistakeable sound of Adeles’ Someone Like You.

‘That’ll get some tears happening,’ he said.

Yes, it was eavesdropping, but us writers have to get our material from somewhere, so please don’t judge me.

Anyways, it got me thinking about break-up songs.

I tried to remember back to the songs that were guaranteed to make me cry when I was either heart broken or yearning over the unrequited affection of some guy or another who I hadn’t had the gumption to make a move on. But it was all so long ago.

Even though I don’t really have any excuse, I’ve always been a little partial to the revenge break up song (it probably says a lot about some of my more Scorpionic tendencies), so here is my top 5:

Back to Black, Amy Winehouse.

Never Again, Kelly Clarkson

Jealousy, Pet Shop Boys with Robbie Williams

This is How It Feels, The Veronicas

You Oughta Know, Alanis Morrisette

There are heaps of others that fall just outside this list.

I’m also a little partial to the wasted love song- songs like:

Always on My Mind, Pet Shop Boys

Almost Lover, A Fine Frenzy

I could keep going…

What about you? What are your favourite break up songs? Are they songs that make you cry? Songs of revenge? Songs of unrequited or lost love?

4 Comments on “friday five: top 5 break-up songs

  1. Songs that make me cry – well there are lots… but off the top of my head:

    Because you loved me – Celine Dion (yes, I know!!!) but from the movie Up Close & Personal (at the end!).
    The Day you went away (Wendy Matthews – played at an organ donor thanksgiving service has made it even sadder for me!)
    Evanescence – My immortal (was often used as warm-down song at my old gym and made me cry!!!)
    Other fave break up songs – on my iPhone (Don’t think of me, by Dido; Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri).

      • Yes me too. I nearly wrote, the scene when RR….. (you-know-whats) but then I thought others might not have seen it!

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