wtf wednesday: how do you compare?


So, where the flip do the good people from Words With Friends get off?

Firstly there’s that business with the words themselves.

Perfectly good, perfectly every day useable words are declined in favour of words that can’t possibly be used in normal language.

Words like:





Now I’m sure that there’s entries for these in the Oxford dictionary, but can they be used in a sentence? I think not.


‘she ran away with her tali between her legs…’ or

‘she was in love with a toyo boy…’ or

‘he needed a good kick in the oda…

Don’t even get me started on the two and three letter words- very few of which make sense.

Then there is that infernal candy something or other ad that each time it props up, completely freezes the app.

Sure I could upgrade to the paid version, but that would mean losing all of my existing games.

Of course there’s the constant reminders to sign in using Facebook, which, up until last weekend I’d ignored.

I’ve been happy playing with just the two friends- neither of whom are on Facebook, but figured I should widen my circle…just a little…maybe. So now I have 4 games on the go and it’s doing my head in- although, given that I rush to my phone when the alert comes in, perhaps that’s a case of doth protesting too much…and, in case you’re interested, doth is a valid word.

I’m also being bombarded with suggestions from Facebook- all accompanied by a review:

  • Xxxxx likes a chat
  • Xxxxx plays at your pace
  • Xxxxx plays good defense
  • Xxxxx plays for big points
  • Xxxxx plays with similar ability


It made me wonder- just what would my review say?

  • Jo likes to use the f word in chat a lot “faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark”
  • Jo sometimes needs a reminder to play
  • Jo does a victory dance with fist pumping every time she wins*
  • Jo sometimes just can’t be faffed
  • Jo’s likely to publish a screenshot on the rare occasion that she has a decent winning streak

Do you play Words With Friends? What would it say on your review?

*despite the screenshot above, I don’t actually win that often



3 comments on “wtf wednesday: how do you compare?”
  1. Debbish says:

    I’ve never played it and now I’m gonna stay away completely!!!!

    1. jo says:

      possibly a good decision!

  2. X says:

    You can upgrade mid game and not lose anything. My wife did. I’m stingy so still use the free version.

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