oh christmas tree…


I remember the first Christmas tree Mr T and I had.

It was for the Christmas of 1989, we’d been together for about 6 months and he’d moved in stopped going home. We decorated an indoor “happy” plant with tinsel and put pressies around the pot. It was special.

Then when we moved into our own house just before Christmas the following year, we invested $20 in a 2nd hand tree and started collecting decorations.

When Miss T came along we started the tradition of buying a new ornament each year. We now have a mix. We also have a new fake tree (well, it’s now new-ish)

A couple of years ago my BFF, BMF and I all shared photos of our tree. My BFFs was perfect- she chooses a colour scheme each year and everything was coordinated. My BMFs was much the same- everything had to match. Their trees looked amazing.

They looked at my tree and laughed at the chaos of it. i didn’t care- it suits us perfectly…& there is a memory in every single last bauble.


In addition to Miss T’s chosen decos, such as this cupcake Santa the year before she turned 13…


we have representatives from other places too:

A reminder from New Zealand- the kiwi pohutukawa…


some pandas from the year I was working out of Hong Kong just before Xmas…


a cute little birdie from the Xmas markets in Perth…


a surfing Santa from Mooloolaba…


and some bank issue decs “acquired” many many years ago from a branch long since closed.


and always a row of bells on the bottom branches to act as security for when Kali, the wonder spaniel, goes searching for carry-able presents to steal.


Author: Jo

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