Sculptures by the sea

Bondi Icebergs sea baths

WTF Wednesday is today brought to you from Bondi and the annual wtf fest that is Sculptures by the Sea.

doesn’t this look like it could have been taken somewhere alpine and exotic?

There are many wtf moments:

  • the sideways wtf where the head is tipped to one side as you try and work out what the existential significance is of the hundreds of white plastic forks.
  • the OMG that’s cool wtf as you absorb the sight and clackety sound of the bamboo sticks that look like a cross between a small wind turbine and and those clacker things that you used to get at the Easter Show


  • the get out of my way wtf as the narrow pathway is filled to the brim with groups of primary school kids walking 3 abreast.
  • the wtf please get out of my photo
  • the wtf is that seriously another set of steps to climb?
  • the wtf how amazing is this view?

Overall the w in the wtf was for Wow.

Sculpture by the Sea is a series of sculptures (derrrrr) set up on natural plinths along the 2km coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama. It runs each year for around 2 weeks, and will close this year on November 4- so if you want to see it, you haven’t got long!

Sculptures range from the cute

to the spicy

to the meccano-esque

to the out of this world spherical

to the directional

to the sentinel


and the macabre


and the inexplicable


and all with the glorious Bondi coastline as a backdrop.

Getting there:

If you intend heading out over the weekend, it’s probably best to take public transport. Parking in Bondi is notoriously difficult to come by and horrendously expensive.

Regular buses run to both Bondi and Tamarama from Bondi Junction and the city. Check out to plan your trip.

There are plenty of great restaurants and cafes in Bondi for when you’re done- or hit the beach if the weather’s good.

While you’re feeling active:

Why not continue the walk around to Coogee (or beyond). I blogged that here.


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