wtf wednesday…

Monday morning coffee and morning pages gets a colour lift

Not much has made me go “what the flip?” this week- and that’s a good thing.

So instead this week, it’s things that made me go WOW! Wednesday.

Top of this weeks list is the iPhone app Vintique. (Check it out on the itunes store). I love it.

It lifts something like this…

view from my front door

into something a little more interesting.

And the best bit? It’s easy to share on instagram, Facebook and Twitter…and my regular followers know how much I love instagram! (If you want to follow me, my user name is jotracey)…

Here’s how it works.

1.Take a photo. I just use the regular camera on the iPhone.

2. Open the Vintique app and select “camera roll” to choose your photo.

3. Use the arrows to fill the screen, rotate or centre your photo. Play around with it a bit. When you’re done, choose “use” to upload your photo to the page where you get to put some fun stuff on  it.

4. Choose your filter. For this one I’m using watercolour.

5. Choose your vignette (is that how it’s spelled?). Anyways, this does some fancy schmancy highlighty bits or foggy bits- like when you want to fog someones face out…did that come out loud?

6. Select a frame. I didn’t use one for this photo, so it just defaulted to the standard.

7. Change the exposure if you want (that’s the arrows next to the fx button). I didn’t bother with this one.

8. Save and share. Use the little box with the arrow on the bottom right hand side.

9. You’re done…how cool does it look?



7 comments on “wtf wednesday…”
  1. pommepal says:

    I’m impressed.

  2. Debbish says:

    Ohhh…. I’m gonna check that one out. I use Instagram obviously and something called Camera + (I think) and Instaframe… but this one looks like a goodie!

    Thanks for the tip!


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