tuesday eats: all steamed up

So, Miss 14 asked the question. The same question she asks at this time every day. ‘What’s for dinner?’

Lately we’ve been eating lighter. We’ve been making friends with salads, and the barbecue’s been getting a workout. It’s that time of the year- that time where the evenings are lighter for longer and almost warm enough to eat outside.

We’ve also been using the steamer much more. I have this huge one that fits over the top of a wok and can do an entire fish. Brilliant.

Steamed food, whilst it’s good for the body is, well, flipping boring. The challenge is getting past that with flavour.

We’ve had steamed fish quite a bit lately- done with ginger, chillis and spring onions, and served with lightly steamed Asian vegetables.

The right spice adds interest to even boring steamed chicken breasts. Just make sure the chook that’s going in your steamer is a chook that did happy chooky clucky things when it was alive. When food is prepared this simply, the base ingredients need to be pretty darned good.

The other night I served it with a yoghurt dressing zooped up with some wasabi paste and lime juice.

With trimmed snow peas, thinly sliced zucchinis and some trimmed spring onions (lightly steamed) on the side, it looked like Spring on a plate. I got the idea from a Jill Dupleix piece in June’s Delicious  magazine.

And it tasted good. Even Miss 14 who really wanted pasta like how long has it been since we had pasta enjoyed it.

So, what about you, what’s your favourite Spring is here dish?



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  1. Debbish says:

    This is where I need to be heading – into lighter healthier food – in my new life. I’m still back with the old stodgy comfort food but need to make that change!!! I don’t have a BBQ at the moment, but want to get one!

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