friday five…

todays 5- paint swatches…

The very first house I moved into with the man I would eventually marry was a small 3 bedroom single level townhouse in the Canberra suburb of Calwell.

We’d bought it off plan soon after we started dating and finally moved in 2 days before Christmas of 1990.

One of the first things I did over that hot, dry and dusty Canberra summer was to paint the perimeter fence. I vowed that I’d never paint another fence again.

That fence had to be painted Mission Brown- the same as all the fences and trims on the other houses in the development.

I vowed I’d never paint anything mission brown again.

Today I broke one of those vows and was reminded of just why I hate painting fences.

This time though, I’m only painting a section of the fence- the section behind the pool and the trellis around the filter.


It will be a pale sage green.

Anyways, without further ado…

What I’m grateful for

The kindness of strangers.

A random conversation over colours at Bunnings yesterday ended with me getting 4 litres of the paint colour I wanted at a discount. I wrote about it here.

With the savings I bought plants. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

re-vamped herb garden in progress

What I’m eating

I just finished my first lemonade icy pole of the summer.

I sat on the first step of the pool with my painted legs in the water, an icy pole in one hand and my dog tucked under the other arm.

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to be eating sugar, but you know what? Sometimes only an icy pole hits the spot.

lemonade icy pole

What I’m not eating

Wheat. I haven’t had any for a week- and so far I’m not feeling any better. My tummy is still misbehaving.

What I’ve learned

Gardening, fence painting and cocker spaniels don’t really mix. Although when it came to the paint tin, Kali learned quite quickly that it wasn’t a good idea to stick her nose in the paint tin.

Then it got too hot so she found shade and left me.

When it comes to gardening Kali thinks her role in the process is to run off with the weeds I’ve pulled up or the pots I’ve emptied of seedlings or the garden gloves I’ve put down.

Kali chewing plastic pots. Plastic isn’t a recommended part of a balanced pooch diet, but she doesn’t swallow so I guess it’s ok…

What I’m reading

We’ve just booked a family holiday to Bangkok and Phuket in April next year so I’m reading the Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand.

I’m also reading a thriller, The Other Child, by German author Charlotte Link. So far it’s surprising and compelling.

Because I’m preparing to write chick lit for NANOWRIMO in November, I’m staying away from the chick lit genre at least until I get well into the story.

I find reading different genres to what I’m writing helps keep my voice sounding like my voice.

What about you- what’s inspiring you right now?

part of the newly painted fence…


5 Comments on “friday five…

  1. YOU ARE!!! I’m writing chick lit for NaNoWriMo too!!! It’s actually a memoir but because they say memoirs are not part of the genre, I’m calling it fiction chick lit!!! Don’t stress the icy pole, I’m having beer for the 2nd day in a row because I have sooooo much to celebrate!!! Whooo-hoooo. And it’s FRIDAY. Life is sweet.

    • awww shucks. Call it semi autobiographical fictionalised chick lit. There. Memoir no more…

  2. Arggh mission brown I think it covered every fence, deck and BBQ table in the 1990’s in both NZ and Australia

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