wtf wednesday…

We have a different W today.

Usually I look at the inexplicable, the annoying, the frustrating- those things that make me want to go “what the flip?”

Today I’m asking “where.”

More specifically, I’m asking, “where the flip has my routine gone?”

I went back to work last week.

When I say that I went back to work, what I mean is that I went back to working outside the home for someone other than myself doing something other than writing.

It’s only 2 days a week, yet my writing routine has been shot to pieces. I haven’t written a word other than in blogs for 2 weeks. And I have no idea why.

I’m enjoying what I do, and the structure and immediate outcomes are absolutely doing me good.

I’m finding myself being excited again when things come together, in interacting and networking with people who can help me achieve what needs to be done. That’s a good thing.

What’s not so good is I’ve let my boundaries down again. Other activities are sneaking in again. I’m sneaking out again when I should be writing.

Any excuse will do.

I know that I’ll find it again- my routine, my boundaries, my focus…

If I have a proper look…



5 comments on “wtf wednesday…”
  1. I often come home and tell Mr M about a job I’d like to apply for and thankfully, he always steers me away from it so I can stick to writing…..and washing his clothes, cooking his meals, opening his beer…….lol

  2. jo says:

    Mr T tried to talk me out of this for the same reason…although he does cook most nights- after I hunter gather his task is to execute my vision.

  3. Debbish says:

    Oh, that’s a hard one as I’m about to embark on the ‘writing’ thing (I think) myself. I know I’ll have to get back to work at some point but guess I hope I’ll have some routine by then – but KNOW it isn’t that simple.

    Perhaps it is just taking you a while to settle into your NEW routine????


    1. jo says:

      absolutely Deb. I think it’s also me fighting against my new routine 🙂

  4. Routine’s abugger – so many things out there to interupt it 🙂

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