remembering when…

this is probably the last shot I found of me on my own, or at least with Mum. I was 3.

So I’ve spent the afternoon going through old photo albums. It’s fun to play remember when.

I need a photo of both myself and my husband from when we were about 5 for the 50th birthday party I’m going to in NZ in a couple of weeks.

Luckily hubbys Mum sent home 2 boxes of photos last time we were down, otherwise it would have been a trip to Canberra to get one of him.

As for me, whilst my Mum and Dad are relatively close by, with my schedule and their schedules, it’s difficult to get across there.

While I went through 2 shoeboxes of loose photos ranging from the 1940s to the late 80s for hubby, my Mum has glued photos into albums. The rest are in boxes of slides.

That’s the thing about photos of yourself, it’s almost as if your photographic life starts when you first pick up a camera, and even then the subject is rarely you.

I guess it’s different now with iphones & the like and selfies, but back in the early 70s when I was a kid, film and the development of it was quite expensive.

That’s probably why there are no individual shots of me from the ages of 3 through to about…well, why there are no individual shots of me at all. And, just quietly, I was at my photogenic peak at the age of about 2.

at the peak of my photogenic powers

After that Mum discovered the do it yourself razor cuts. I think she bought these thinning blades from Nock & Kirby or something. I still remember how much they hurt. Sister no 2 never had to have her hair cut short because she had cowlicks, but sister no 3 and I sported an early version of the mul-lay (mullet cut) from a very early age.

Anyways, when it came to photos, I think Mum & Dad must have pointed the camera and screamed for us all to get into the shot. Much more economically efficient than individual shots of matching bowl razor cuts.

So the best I could find was a small shot of me asleep while the annual Santa photo is being taken. Sister no 2 is angelic as always and baby sister number 3 is screaming- she always had her mouth open. Baby brother hadn’t made an appearance by this stage. We’ve still got the harnesses on from our car seats.

Hubby is a bit older than me, so all of his photos are black and white and have that flat English look. Even then, from the age of 2, his sister is in them all.

I found a brilliant one of him as the “wee laird” on his Grandparents sheep holding in Stirling, Scotland. He must have been about 4 or 5. Unfortunately the quality was crap. That’s another thing about photos from that era. It was the beginning of the age of cheaper processing and the colours (and greys) have not held over the years.

It’s been a fun exercise though. Looking through the shots, talking about people and places, commenting on outfits and poses.

Now I’m looking forward to finding out what my friend intends to do with them at the party…

Santa photo at Roselands in 1971. I’m the sleeping one.

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    1. I was seriously photogenic then…it was all downhill after that! I did find a photo of myself at about the same age trying to ride a broomstick…say nothing!

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