my week in instagram…

I’m not doing the #photoaday thing obsessively at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not grabbing some of the idea prompts as photo prompts…hence this weeks close-ups and weird angle shots.

The headline shot in todays post was the prompt “light” and is the new light we put up in Miss 14s bedroom. Cool, hey.

I love the shot of the apple & the reflection of the apple in my sunglasses. These were taken for “red” and “angle” respectively. The background is my desk at work.

The photo below is “lunchtime” (yes, from last weeks prompts) and was taken at Rhodes Shopping Centre while I was waiting in the sun for my lunch date.

Lastly we have “close-up” and “emotion”.

Check out both in this little cutie below- pre and post doggie day spa. The sadness in those eyes…how could I be so cruel as to put her through the indignity of a haircut…