friday five…

This has been an interesting week.

A week in which I started back working for someone else a couple of days a week, a week in which I’ve been hard pressed to pen any of the words that I need to be writing, and a week when I’ve had to work hard to send the blahs packing.

Anyways, it’s Friday, so that means the Friday Five.

Something I love

This suede and amethyst wrap by lovefromvenus. It winds around and around my left wrist and I just adore it.

What I’m watching

This is kinda sad and I know I’m late to the party, but I’m addicted to The West Wing and am working my way through the series. The writing is amazing.

I’m also happy to see the return on ABC2 of Annabel Crabbs’ Kitchen Cabinet. This is a great piece of work. Annabel, a leading political journalist and keen cook, invites herself to dinner with a Federal politician.

What results is a viewing of the real person- and in this age of conformity and blandness, this is a good thing. A really good thing. The recipes she makes for dessert are also worth a look.

This weeks episode was Joe Hockey, the shadow Treasurer who has one of the most famous share houses in the country. He told the story of how the (then) Defence Minister (who was a tad strapped for cash at the time) was living in his back shed (for $10 a night).

The mind boggles whether any other country in the world would have late night Defence personnel meeting in an uninsulated back shed in the middle of a Canberra winter. Love it. That never happened on The West Wing.

Catch it, if you can, on ABC iview catch up TV (Australian viewers only).

What I’m planning

A costume for my friends ‘5’ themed 50th birthday in NZ in a couple of weeks. I usually avoid anything involving a theme like it’s some sort of infectious disease. In fact, I’ve never been to a ‘theme’ party in ‘theme’ before. There’s always a first time- and I’m looking forward to this one a lot.

At present I’m tossing up between Hawaii 5-0, or MI5 spy wear. So, a caftan with some flowers and flip flops or a hat and cigar. Decisions, decisions.

What’s been cooking?

Absolutely nothing. I’ve stuck to basics this week. Quick after work stir fries (on the whole 2 days that I’ve worked away from the home) and easy old favourites has been the limit of this very uncreative week.

What I’m listening to?

Aside from a snoring cocker spaniel, I re-listened to a podcast this morning from the Richard Fidler Conversations collection. I listen to these a lot when I’m working at home. They are especially valuable at times like now when I’m struggling for words and ideas.

A couple of years ago (April 2010) he interviewed Carren Smith, a survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing. (The interview was replayed December 2010).

What is unusual about her story is that Carren had gone to Bali with the intention of not coming back- she had planned to commit suicide while there.

Part of her story is today on MamaMia as part of the 10 year commemoration activities, but if you get the chance, dig out the podcast.

In fact, while you are there, check out the podcasts available- they’re available on itunes (free) as well.

the bali memorial at dolphin point, coogee


2 comments on “friday five…”
  1. Debbish says:

    West Wing is one of my favourite shows EVER! I love the writing and the acting. AMAZING!

    I also read an article about Carren – it was printed in our local newspaper magazine last year (if I’m thinking of the right person) – as she lives at the Sunshine Coast now and a blogging (and school) friend of mine knows her.

    What sort of work are you doing? Just something to pay the bills, or something you’re more passionate about? (Or something in between?!)

    1. jo says:

      I’m doing something in between. A Business Manager role for a friend, but its just 5 mins down the road & I’m limiting myself to 2 days a week. My writing has to be the priority, but I need to be earning some income while it’s happening. I’m lucky hubby has a good job, but I do miss the extras 🙂

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