wtf wednesday…

my beautiful (and expensive) Danish made foot destroyers

I’m a Pisces. Actually, I’d bet that I’m the most Pisces person you’d ever have met.

Part of being as Pisces as I am is that I have bad feet. Trust me, there is a technical astrological explanation that I don’t intend getting into at this point.

Anyways, it means that when I buy shoes, I’m pretty careful. I check the size, I check the leather, I check on potential rub points, the “give” in the leather and I usually end up spending more than what I would if my feet weren’t quite as sensitive as my sensitive little Pisces heart (well, that is my excuse).

And still, I end up with feet that are cut to pieces- especially when it comes to summer shoes.  Trust me, there is nothing pretty about strappy summer sandals accessorised with bandaids. The bandaids are constant companions until the shoes (no matter how expensive they are or how Italian they are) are worn in. Although, the more expensive and more Italian they are, the shorter the wear in period seems to be.

Today I am sporting a band of plasters that reach from one side of my foot to the other- courtesy of my new (expensive) clogs and an unscheduled lunchtime stroll through the maze that is IKEA.

It’s a double layer of plasters as the first ones I applied came off within the first couple of steps.

Which leads me to my WTF for the day…when will they make bandaids that will actually stick? But then, I guess, I could ask when will I buy a pair of shoes that are as soft on my feet as they feel on my hands or, in other words, will leave my feet unmarked on the first wear?

Anyone else out there have problems with either new shoes or bandaids?



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  1. Debbish says:

    I used to like those material bandaids, not the plastic ones but they’re really hard to get nowadays!

    And… I hear ya re the shoes. I have heaps of trouble with my feet and blisters! (They’re nice though!)

    1. jo says:

      They are so hard to get & they fray & go manky around the edges.

  2. Zohra says:

    My mum is Pisces too, and she has the same shoe issues as you. And i thought she was just being fussy..though she also has gout-like growths on her big toes too so that doesn’t help either.
    Great to see you today, and will email you the info soon.

    1. jo says:

      great to see you too! (as always…)

  3. I know what you mean about summer sandals – I much prefer winter when it comes to footwear, boots, sneakers, uggies …. aaah 🙂

    1. jo says:

      thankfully today is cooler & the uggies are back on!

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