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our record is a 4 tier marker and coaster tower

The weekend started as it always does- with bingo and meat raffles at our local club. Man, I live on the edge. We’ve been going here with the same group of friends most weeks for almost a year now.

I still can’t coordinate more than one bingo ticket while still managing to sip my drink and talk through everything that needs talking through.

The kids manage it easily.

Taste of Shanghai for dumplings, the ceremonial camembert and perfect pasta…

The ceremonial opening of the made by us camembert took place on Saturday night (remember my post- why I’ll never buy ricotta again?). We showcased it with other antipasto goodies. It looked, smelled and tasted just like a proper bought one.

I also prepared Miss 14s favourite pasta- a smoked chicken and peas concoction that (until recently) was on the menu at Grossi Cellar Bar. Luckily I have the cookbook- I bet that surprised you…

Otherwise the week was all about painting…and lovely weather.

You’ve seen the painting results, here are a few from the garden…actually, the wisteria strictly speaking isn’t in my garden, but it’s hanging over my fence and is therefore fair photographic game. The lime tree and the dog are completely in my backyard…

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    • we live in a suburb that has sort of horsey acreage sort of suburbs around. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s local. I love that.

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