friday five…

I’ve spent most of this last week painting Miss 14s bedroom.

The last time we did this was back at Easter 2006. That time she wanted a hot pink feature wall- the kind of pink that you get in the very middle of a frangipani.

The whole room was very pink.

She had a pink hand painted fairy on a acid green background, a pink feather boa draped across it and a set of Bali wooden frangipanis on the wardrobe door. She had a scarlet doona cover and hot pink sheets.

She promised that she would keep the room clean.

Over the years the fairy and boa has gone to be replaced by One Direction posters. The frangipanis on the wardrobe doors had gone- to be replaced by Justin Bieber posters. One of these is so lifesize that the dog barked when she first saw it- the poster that is.

Anyways, her room has now been reformed- fresh paint on all surfaces.

The hot pink wall took 2 coats of undercoat, plus another 2 coats of the turquoise we had chosen.

I miss the TV show Changing Rooms and still can’t resist doing my own paint lid reveal- just like Linda and Laurence and Graeme used to.

Every single centimetre of trim- skirting, window sill, window surrounds, wardrobe trim, wardrobe doors- was sanded, prepped, undercoated and glossed.

The dog loves the new doona cover- I think she’s worked out that it shows her off beautifully. Speaking of which, I must get her into doggy day spa- her hair is nearly as unruly as mine.

She’s (Miss 14, that is, not the dog) promised to keep it clean. Pinky promise this time, so apparently that means something.

We still have to hang pictures and things & she wants like a fairy light arrangement on the blue wall. I’m not yet sure how we’ll do that, but how hard can it be?

What I’ve been buying

Paint, spakfilla, no more gaps. Luckily the biggest Bunnings in Aus is just 5mins drive away. It’s paradise.

What I’ve been grateful for

Amazing drying weather, blue skies and a clean pool for afterwards.

What I’ve been listening to

The party shuffle mix on my ipod. Apologies to anyone in my neighbourhood who has had to endure my renditions of everything from Bonnie Tylers I Need a Hero to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer…and all stops in between.

What I’m reading

I’ve got a pile on my bedside table at present, but started Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan this afternoon. He wrote Atonement, which was brilliant.

What I’m watching

I saw PJ Hogans Mental on the weekend. I can’t remember laughing more in a long time. The subject matter is, however, deeply serious. Rebecca Gibney as a frumpy and put upon housewife is beautiful in her innocence- and who knew that she could sing!

What have you been up to this last week? Anything inspiring you? Anything you’re grateful for?

el poocho

9 Comments on “friday five…

  1. I love the new colour of the room.

    I’m grateful that my mother’s come to help me pack (even if I did get grumpy with her a zillion times yesterday). And… I’m hoping to be inspired at the ProBlogger conference next weekend!


    • I would have loved to do ProBlogger- & will be signing up for the virtual opportunity. Thanks for posting that.

  2. I love the transformation, thank goodness for good old BIG Bunnings. Those blues are so like the ocean. What is a ProBlogger???

    • Thanks 🙂 Problogger is a blogging conference happening in Melbourne next weekend- I don’t know a whole lot about it, but they have some amazing speakers lined up. From what I can gather it is about maximising your readership & being the best blogger you can be. Also stuff on blog to book, monetizing etc.

      • That sounds interesting, blogging is really becoming mainstream now isn’t it? It was all kind of laid back when I started 3 years ago. No like button etc not so many options

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  4. I know. I started my astro blog about 3 years ago & the blogosphere is sooooo different now.

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