wtf wednesday

Our local supermarket has done a lot right lately.

There’s the coffee trolley out the front serving real coffee for a gold coin donation.

There’s the sushi kiosk inside serving freshly made on the premises sushi that’s perfect for a healthy lunch.

There’s the fresh cut fruit and juice bar.

But those childrens shopping trolleys? Seriously? The miniature ones with the flags and the wheels that don’t work- just like the big ones only kid size.

Now, I’ve done the whole struggle through the shops with a toddler thing, although she’s now taller than me, so I feel your pain. But those baby trolleys are seriously not a good idea.

Yes, it shuts kids up and gives them something to do while you’re pushing the huge load around, but more often than not, that something to do is jamming them against other peoples ankles, clogging up the aisles or free-racing through the vegies and banging into the displays.

Yeah, if I were a kid, I’d love it too.

And the Mums whose kids are wreaking this havoc are blissfully unaware- or so it seems.

I watched one Mum give another shopper the death glare the other day for having the temerity to ask a child to watch where he was pushing the trolley after it had ended up slammed into his ankles.

Apparently if it happens we’re supposed to smile sweetly and understandingly.

Apparently if we don’t have toddlers attached to us, it’s assumed we can’t remember or understand what it was like. Trust me, we do- and none of it ever involved using a kid trolley as a weapon of mass destruction.

Then there’s the arguments when Mum hits the checkouts only to find that at some point in her scream free shopping experience, Junior has quietly loaded up his kid size trolley with pretty well everything that took his fancy and now he’s going to scream about why he’s not allowed to have it.

I guess my point is, shopping with little kids is rarely fun- there’s usually tears at some point in the proceedings. Those tears shouldn’t be the tears of physical pain from other shoppers.

And yes, I’m sure your child is an angel, mine would never have done anything like that either, but the ones who use the mini trolleys to role play going shopping with Mum are, unfortunately, the exception- at least at the times that I shop.

Or maybe it’s that I shop pretty close to arsenic hour.

In any case, I have the scars to prove it… and if you’re wondering? I smiled sweetly, and neither the mother nor the child bothered to apologise. I simply added an extra pack of bandaids to my shop.

Now I’m wondering if there’s any correlation with increased sales of bandaids and kids size trolleys…


4 Comments on “wtf wednesday

  1. I used to (obviously) only shop out of work hours, so I’d feel grumpy when parents and kids would be lolling about the supermarket. But, now that I’ve been a few times during the day I realise that I was lucky before.

    I’ve always wanted kids and am mostly fairly tolerant, but… screaming kids in the supermarket – where I’m already feeling fragile – not pretty!

  2. Completely agree and understand, Jo – and I am the Mother of a toddler. Those things are SO annoying! Its not that my daughter fills it with things that we don’t need, and she’s definitely never slammed into anyone’s legs or ankles thankfully. She just never wants to let go of it and on the 2 occasions I’ve let her push one, I’ve had to wrestle it off her as we leave the store. Whomever thought these trolleys were a good idea deserves some time out on the naughty step…

    • I remember when Sarah was little I found those “distractions” a pain in the arse- it was just something else for us to potential have a tantrum over.

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