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The photo above illustrates just what I love about Melbourne.

It’s the State Library, 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon. The sun is out, the weather is mild, and the lawn is packed with people. Some picnicking, some reading, some listening to music, even a few sunbathing (they’d be the British tourists…).

I love how people do that here- read in public, sit in coffee shops in the middle of the day, yet still go about business in the way they need to.

The photo above illustrates another reason I love Melbourne.

This photo was taken on the top floor of Melbourne Central shopping mall. It was taken at lunchtime on the same day and the floor was filled with people sitting on the floor, eating, talking. Despite being in the middle of a busy shopping mall, this is a community kitchen garden project.

Elsewhere in the same mall is another community project- a small library. Operated on an honesty basis, the deal is you can take a book to read as long as you replace it with another. I love ideas like this.

Down in Fed Square, another kitchen garden project is beginning. This one provides 170 plots to rent- sort of like an allotment scheme. Called the Pop Up Patch, Fed Square and Little Vegie Patch Co are transforming the car park roof. There’s also plans for bee-hives. I love ideas like this too.

I love that things like this bring community into the centre of town.

Love it or loathe it (I’m firmly on the love side), Fed Square brings soul and activity to the centre of the city.

For the whole of this week, Grand Final week, marquees have been up, the big screen has been buzzing and parents have been bringing kids in to meet their heroes, practice passing, kick a few goals, dress up as their favourite footy star.

I love things like this too.

shot tower, Melbourne Central

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