friday five

So I’ve been in Melbourne this week. And loving it.

What I’ve loved even more has been the company of Miss 14. Just priceless.

We’ve spent the last 4 days walking, shopping and giggling.

As great as it is to go away, there isn’t much better than coming home… and knowing that the lives of both dog and husband are so much better for it!

So, the things I’m loving this week?

What I’m eating

Hello, I’ve been in Melbourne. Apart from tourist trap pasta at the Casino waterfront (I really should know better), it’s hard to get a bad meal here and even harder to drink bad coffee.

The standouts?

The caramelised onion and beetroot risotto with pork belly at Society on Wednesday night.

wall mural at Society

The ziti (short pasta) with zucchini, ricotta, chilli and capers at Grossi Cellar Bar for lunch yesterday.


What I’m reading

What with delayed flights, a train trip to Ballarat and a hotel with no TV, I’ve read a lot this week.

Rachel’s Holiday and The Mystery of Mercy Close by Marian Keyes.

I’ve come quite late to the Marian Keyes party. I have a habit of doing that- being either early or late, that is.

I read Is Anybody Out There? a couple of weeks ago and it had me hooked from page 1- chick lit, but not as you know it.

Rachel’s Holiday deals with addictions and Mercy Close with depression- not normally fodder for chick lit, but after reading about the authors’ personal battle with depression, completely understandable. She brings a depth of understanding, especially in Mercy Close that cuts across the stereotypes.

Oh, and finally, I picked up the latest Phryne Fisher novel Unnatural Habits (by Kerry Greenwood) at the airport yesterday. How is she so incredibly prolific? Halfway in and loving it.

What I’m buying

I’ve been in Melbourne, so,… shoes!

I love these clogs by Danish designer Olrik. They weigh a tonne, and would, I imagine, be aerodynamic if thrown…not that I would even consider doing that.

What I’m watching

Rake on the ABC. Cleaver Green is the ultimate Neptunian- brilliant, self destructive and able to resist everything but temptation itself. The second season is screening now (Thursdays at 8.30pm) and the writing is even better this time around.

What’s inspired me

miners tents, Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill at Ballarat. I’ll blog this, but seriously, every Australian kid should visit here at least once. In many ways, this place represents the birth of us as Australians.

The pic below is the original Eureka Flag flown at the rebellion. Made from petticoats, it’s now on display at Ballarat Art Gallery.

What’s inspiring you this week????

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  1. I’m behind in my blog reading so hadn’t realised you were still in Melbourne. It sounds like the mother-daughter time has been lovely! I’ve loved the street art also BTW!

    1. Thanks Deb. More photos & Melbourne blogs to come. I’m trying to see if I can’t wangle a long weekend closer to Xmas- for shopping purposes only, of course…

    1. lol, what haven’t I been drinking this week? Tonight it’ll be a Hungerford Hill Semi-Savvy. I should have included what haven’t I been doing- & the answer would be training! Oooops…

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