wtf Wednesday

Yes, I know that today is Thursday, which makes Wednesday so yesterday, but it leads nicely into todays WTF Wednesday*.

Anyway, I couldn’t post this yesterday because I had no internet access to do so. Because the 3 days internet I purchased at this hotel on Monday afternoon lasted me until Tuesday morning. (I’m currently sitting at the airport using free wireless…)

$40 for 3 days for 2 users and what seemed like a reasonable amount of download lasted for the posting of one blog- and that was with all photos reduced to very small sizes. WTF?

Hotel internet charges have long been a particular beef of mine. When I was travelling for work & would find myself logging in before and after work at the hotels I got used to having to pay for some connectivity- and it pissed me off. But this one really takes the cake. Maybe it’s time to resurrect the dongle and mobile internet- although the fact that pre-paid data runs out each 30 days pisses me off too. I don’t travel enough anymore to make that worth my while.

On the subject of all things internet related, what is the point in placing a tv in a hotel room if you can’t watch it? All the free to air and hdtv channels were obviously run through the internet, so the signal staggered every couple of seconds.

It’s the reason bigpond tv lasted in our house less than 24 hours before being returned to the shop. I wasn’t prepared to invest in the internet boosters required to guarantee a smooth performance that didn’t require the switching off of all other wireless devices in the house.

I get why hotels outsource their in room internet- it absolves them of responsibility when it comes to compaints. But I’m sorry guys, internet tv is another thing. Unless you’re prepared to do what you need to do to guarantee performance, don’t put it in the room.

Which brings me to VLine country trains. Actually I probably can’t blame you for the almost complete lack of signal between Melbourne and Ballarat. There were two seriously serious words with friends games hanging in the balance until I got back to Melbourne…


*WTF (what the fuck?) Wednesday is the brain child of someone or another- I’ve seen it in a number of blogs, but most recently in the blog of cyber buddy Debbish who got it from five frogs on a blog.

4 Comments on “wtf Wednesday

  1. I completely understand this WTFW post! I actually don’t worry about paying for my internet use when in hotels (not that I am often anymore either), rather I plug my laptop into my phone (or connect via WiFi) and use my phone’s downloads. It’s rare that I get anywhere near the phone’s download limits so it’s a handy backup.

    • I never used to worry so much when work was reimbursing me- I also used to carry a dongle. The phone idea is a good one!

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