melbourne: a few of my favourite things

GPO shopping centre…the postal hall

It never ceases to surprise me just how late people can be boarding a plane.

Sure I’ve been the “Mrs Tracey to gate 31 your plane is fully boarded and waiting to leave” once. But that was after queuing in the bag drop line for hours and having to do the full computer bag unpack and shoe removal thing followed by bomb residue check all while the flight is boarding. I reckon that excuses me.

What I don’t get is when the flight is 30 minutes late to board, people are still late. I mean they would have had to have checked in 30 minutes before the flight was originally due to leave and would definitely have been faffing around somewhere in the terminal.

Anyways, Miss 14 and I got here. Eventually. Here being Melbourne, a city I absolutely adore.

We took it easy today, Grossi Cellar Bar for lunch (she had the cannelloni and I had the risotto) and a little flirting with Italian waiters. As you do.



Miss 14 declared that as I had all of Guy Grossi’s cookbooks, I had better find somewhere else to be a favourite. I told her what she could do with that idea. She then suggested I start cooking some of the recipes, like, for example, the cannelloni she was currently enjoying.

‘In fact Mum,’ she said, I think you should cook one thing out of a cookbook that you own every week. I bet you never get to the end of the bookshelf.’ I told her not to be so smart mouthed. She just smiled in that I’ve got a pretty good point way.

GPO spring display

After lunch we did a little light shopping. Just to whet the retail appetite. A browse through GPO, a wander through the Royal Arcade, a drool in the window of Koko Black.

royal arcade

goodies at spellbox


inside spellbox

After the compulsory visit to Spell box, it was back up the Collins St hill to our hotel.


Tonight we’re going in search of the perfect pub parmi…I’ll let you know tomorrow how we fared…

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  1. I was very bad at playing tourist when there with my family earlier this year… but did go to GPO centre and I think that’s where my fave designer’s store was (Nicola Waite!).

    PS. The risotto looks great. Must get some dining suggestions from you. I’m heading there for Problogger in October and HOPEFULLY back there in November for a training thing.


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